Thursday, June 15, 2017

ASTRO FORECAST: JUNE 15th—25th, 2017

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 15th to 25th, 2017

THURSDAY, June 15th, 2017

On Thursday obstacles may suddenly arise out of no where when Saturn makes its annual 180-degree opposition aspect to the Sun. This is a time for about two days every year when you are forced to stop and take stock of what progress you have made so far this year and to recalibrate and possibly change your course for the rest of the year. It can also be a weekend when you literally find yourself stuck in traffic. So plan accordingly.

FRIDAY, June 16th, 2017

On Friday two big events occur. First, Neptune turns Retrograde and begins retracing its steps through dreamy Pisces from now until November 22nd. Retrograde Neptune in intuitive Pisces means there will be an atmosphere of nostalgia and yearning for a return to the "good old days" — which were maybe not all that good to start with. Nostalgia reigns during Retrograde Neptune in Pisces! On the negative side, Retrograde Neptune in Pisces causes addictive behaviour to resurface. But on the positive side, Retrograde Neptune shines a spotlight on the arts and spirituality. Don't be surprised when recurring dreams revisit you in coming weeks and months. ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is using Retrograde Neptune to remind you of unfinished dream work. This is your chance to practice Dreamscaping ... consciously manipulating your dreams. You are the dreamer. You can do anything you want to do in your dreams.

Also on Friday, we come to the Pisces Third Quarter Moon, which is what we call the THE LOTUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. The LOTUS MOON means the weekend will be a time of joyous anticipation of something big which is just beyond the horizon. It is perhaps the most spiritual of all the Lunar Phase Spirits because it knows that its wait will not be in vain. It is waiting for something it knows must and will come to pass. It is a perfect night for casting the Antinous Moon Magic "Lotus Moon Spell" to obtain your heart's desire.

SATURDAY, June 17th, 2017

On Saturday luck smiles on you when the convivial Gemini Sun forms a fortuitous sextile aspect with winner-takes-all Aries Uranus. Your mind will be brimming with creative ideas and new solutions for stubborn old problems.

SUNDAY, June 18th, 2017

On Sunday Mercury-opposite-Saturn brings serious thinking and conversation, but also negativity and sadness. Poor self-esteem can lead to communication difficulties and isolation.There is the possibility of some bad news or very challenging situations arising, especially if you have been neglectful in some way earlier. However, it is likely that you will be seeing the worst in every situation. This is not a day for making important decisions, especially about relationships. Also avoid signing contracts or making big investments. You may have a critical eye can are liable to make mistakes.

MONDAY, June 19th, 2017

On Monday is a great time to take in an art exhibit ... or create art yourself ... when Taurus Venus is in a creative sextile with Retrograde Pisces Neptune. Trust your intuition on all matters of money and love. And when you go out this week, you can expect old-fashioned romance because Retrograde Pisces Neptune loves nostalgia.

TUESDAY, June 20th, 2017

On Tuesday you may want to break loose and go off alone on some impromptu adventure when Mercury forms a sextile aspect with Uranus. If you are stuck at home with family or people you would rather avoid, this can create intolerable tensions and the desire to walk out and jump in the car and speed away. But if you have the week to yourself, this creates the perfect atmosphere for doing something new and different without anyone holding you back.

WEDNESDAY, June 21st, 2017

On Wednesday the Solstice occurs at just about 3:33 a.m. British time — beginning a day of revelry for the throngs at Stonehenge. This is also a great day as far as communications are concerned when the Cancer Sun aligns with Mercury in perfect conjunction. This is the best day of the year to make deals and sign agreements. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere this is the Summer Solstice and the days start getting shorter. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere this is the Winter Solstice and spring will soon be on the way.

THURSDAY, June 22nd, 2017

On Thursday you will begin to feel all emotional now that both the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. In particular, Mercury has left its home base of Gemini and entered emotion-oriented Cancer, so that your Conscious Mind will find itself engulfed in emotions during its brief visit of only two weeks to Cancer. This is the time to give voice to your emotions.

FRI-SATURDAY, June 23rd/24th, 2017

Overnight Friday-Saturday things get really romantic when Venus and Pluto bring good fortune to long-term relationships by means of a gentle trine aspect which cements relationships. In addition, we come to the CANCER NEW MOON. In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this the ADONIS MOON ... the lunar phase which enhances relationships ... Antinous has always been identified with Adonis, the god of beauty and desire, and a central figure in various mystery religions ... Adonis is the divine ideal lover ... Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for focusing on your lover ... or how to find a lover ... or simply a good night for being with your lover.

SUNDAY, June 25th, 2017

On Sunday Mars gets all crabby and antagonistic when the war god is in a square-off against exaggeration-prone Jupiter. You might even feel a bit crab-like yourself. With Mars in Cancer, we are emotional, easily offended and defensive. Mars in Cancer can be passive-aggressive and manipulative and unforgiving! Jupiter intensifies these energies to the max.


Another exciting week lies ahead between June 26th and July 2nd when we come to the Libra First Quarter Moon, the beautiful moon of balance and equilibrium we call the VENUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... This is Venus Genetrix, the Mother of Rome ... Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for questions about your mother or your "inner mother" and also about finding flexible solutions to problems. The serpentine qualities of the "Snake Goddess Moon" offer insights into how to slither around or through seemingly impervious barriers in life ... More details next time ....

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