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ASTRO FORECAST: APRIL 13th—23rd, 2017

Antinous Astrology Forecast

APRIL 13th to 23rd, 2017

THURS-SUNDAY, April 13-16, 2017

Get ready for a big surprise! Once a year the Sun aligns with impetuous Uranus ... and that configuration dominates this entire week This year the Sun aligns in conjunction with Uranus in fiery Aries. Aries is a sign which shoots first and asks questions later. Rage issues are always bubbling under the surface. This Sun-conjunction-Uranus configuration means you can expect long-simmering crises on the home front or in global affairs to erupt with appalling ferocity. On the positive side, stubborn problems can blow apart and be resolved almost instantly. On the negative side, however, you can expect dangerous political explosions ... perhaps even literal bombs and explosions.

MONDAY, April 17th, 2017

On Monday, open your heart to the power of love! Venus and Mars form a powerful sextile configuration. This magical Venus-sextile-Mars moment occurs only twice a year. It is possible now to take a balanced approach to conflict, problems and projects that require effort. This can combine both a gentle touch and firm action, sensitivity and forcefulness. Negotiation and interaction with others could be aggressive and determined now, but also balanced with sensitivity and style. Any expressions of anger, frustration or discontent are more likely to be tempered with fairness, moderation and composure. On the spiritual level, you are able to balance the masculine and feminine energies of your soul to create a beautiful whole.

TUESDAY, April 18th, 2017

On Tuesday, the Sun forms a brilliant and glowing trine aspect with Saturn which empowers you with perseverance and clear vision to make some serious long-term plans for the future.

WEDNESDAY, April 19th, 2017

On Wednesday, we come to the second Capricorn Third Quarter Moon in succession, which we call the SPRING BLUE MOON. This is the second Capricorn Third Quarter Moon in succession. In Antinous Moon Magic, we call the Capriicorn Third Quarter Moon the HADRIAN'S WALL MOON of stubborn intransigence and immovable barriers. Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Hadrian's Wall Lunar Phase is the embodiment of hindrances and blockages. It represents the barriers that stand in your way. It is all barriers and obstacles to progress. Meditations and rituals conducted on this night are best suited for focusing on blockages in your life, situations and issues which prevent you from moving forward. These can be manifested by persons or situations around you. But most often, we find during meditations on this night that we have erected prison walls around ourselves, we are blocking ourselves from the freedom we so earnestly desire. This SPRING BLUE MOON Lunar Phase is saying it is time to tear down those barriers and to break out!

THURSDAY, April 20th, 2017

On Thursday your brain is ablaze with often confusing and conflicting ideas when Retrograde Mercury aligns with the Sun. Old astrology texts dating back to Ancient Rome call this a potentially hazardous time, and speak of a "Scorched Mercury" which impairs communications and judgment. But in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, we see that very differently. This Sun/Mercury conjunction is indeed intense, but in a positive way. Antinous/Mercury focuses the gay spiritual light of his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte right at you. Open your spiritual heart to the light and joy and permit it to burn away all doubt and all fear and trepidation. Most people live in spiritual darkness. They are like people who live in caves and are afraid of sunlight because it hurts their eyes. But should we shun the light and stay in the cave with them? Antinous/Mercury says it's safe to open your spiritual eyes — and spiritual heart — and become accustomed to the light.

FRIDAY, April 21st, 2017

On Friday, Mars leaves stodgy Taurus and charges into Gemini. Gemini Mars is very reckless with little details like the truth, preferring ham-fisted propaganda and outright lies instead. Mars is in Gemini from now until June 4, 2017. This is the period of 2017 with the most energy, enthusiasm and determination.

SAT-SUNDAY, April 22-23, 2017

This weekend, Venus is in a 90-degree right-angle square to stubborn Saturn ... for the third and final time this year. Both planets have been Retrograde (going "backwards" as seen from Earth), and this is the third time this year that they have been in a square configuration. Venus-square-Saturn means that relationship discussions are fraught with stumbling blocks. And because Venus and Saturn also have a role to play in money and business, you can expect problems in that area as well. Think back to what happened on 27th January ... and again on 8th April ... when these two planets were in a square configuration. The problems that cropped up then will be revisited ... and now is your third and final opportunity to resolve them.


Another exciting week lies ahead between April 24th and 30th when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with the Sun in Taurus for the TAURUS NEW MOON the MARCUS AURELIUS MOON because he was a man of judicious might and justice, a warrior and a poet, a man whose reign was called a Golden Age. The TAURUS NEW MOON highlights Taurean qualities (determined, practical, devoted, grounded, dependable) and 2nd House themes (material security, values, self-worth). On a spiritual/higher plane, the New Moon in Taurus seeks inner peace through stability and contentment ... More details next time ....

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