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ASTRO FORECAST: MARCH 9th — 26th, 2017

Antinous Astrology Forecast

MARCH 9th to 26th, 2017


This week the Sun aligns with Mercury and both of them form a fortuitous sextile aspect with Pluto Mercury and Pluto which facilitates negotiations with authority figures such as your boss. At last, you can expect answers to some questions which have been plaguing you for the longest time. It may take a little digging, but Mercury sextile Pluto mean that the answer will be found. This Mercury/Sun-sextile-Pluto aspect sextile brings you recognition, success and amazing abilities to make your wishes come true. You may also find that your skills at haggling are improved — enabling you to make cost-effective bargains in negotiations ... and in purchases.

FRIDAY, MARCH 10th, 2017

On Friday Mars the planet of action will enter Taurus and remain there until April 21st. When the God of War meets the sign of the Bull, things can plod along slowly and move at a snail's pace. While it may seem like slow going, it is a wonderful time to tackle those projects that need endurance and stamina. Mars is all about action, ambition, impulse and drive. The planet Mars was named for the ancient Roman God of War. When channeled improperly Mars energy can lead to excessive anger, violence and war. However, when used constructively this energy can invoke passion, motivation and determination. Now consider the energy of Taurus. The Bull is a stubborn and territorial animal; large and capable of aggression when provoked. While it may seem like slow going, it is a wonderful time to tackle those projects that need endurance and stamina. So putting the forces of Mars and the sign of the Bull together is a little bit like having an irresistible force meet an immovable object. Mars wants to go, go, go and Taurus wants to stubbornly remain still. Things will seem like they are at a standoff during this period. However that doesn’t mean you won't get things accomplished.

SAT.-SUNDAY, MARCH 11th-12th, 2017

This weekend you may find yourself feeling a bit guilty, a bit self-critical, a bit inadequate and very defensive when Mercury squares off against Saturn and when we come to the Virgo Full Moon. In Antinous Moon Magic, this is the DIANA MOON ... the moon of sisterhood, of kindred spirits in whom you can confide ... and a "sister" need not be blood related ... or even female ... you have a "sister" and tonight's full moon helps you find her.

MONDAY, MARCH 13th, 2017

On Monday Mercury leaves dreamy Pisces and soars into fiery Aries until April 1st when it enters placid Taurus. As Mercury transitions from peaceful Pisces to bold and brash Aries, our minds and our words will get less poetic and more action-oriented. Aries is a Fire sign known for being impulsive, so be careful what you say! Comments might come out of your mouth before they're fully formed, giving them a tinge of sarcasm or even an edge of insult — whether you intend them to or not. And even if we think we know the full impact of our words, there's the danger that we haven't thought far enough ahead about the effect they'll have on those we care about.

TUES-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14th/15th, 2017

This week relief gallops to the rescue when the Sun and Mercury both align in perfect conjuntion in Pisces with Chiron the healer. Tuesday/Wednesday and in fact most of this week is an ideal time for medical checkups and procedures. This obscure minor planet plays only a peripheral role in most daily astrology forecasts. But this strong configuration with the Sun and Mercury means that Chiron becomes a major player. In Greek mythology, Chiron was one of the Titans, the greatest of the Centaurs. Chiron was the tutor to a great many Gods, Demigods and fellow Titans, including Prometheus, Theseus, Achilles and Hercules, to name but a few. Astrologically, Chiron represents a person's healing energies and, indeed, the word for "surgery" in many European languages (chirurgie in French and German, cirugya in Spanish, chirugia in Italian and Portuguese) comes directly from the Ancient Greek words for "Chiron Hands" — a healer with the skilled hands of the Titan Chiron.

THURS-FRIDAY, MARCH 16th/17th, 2017

As the work week ends problems arise out of no where when the Sun squares off against Saturn, as it does twice a year. Saturn is the cosmic teacher, focusing the rays of the intuitive Pisces Sun on problems in your life which need to be corrected ... and giving you insights to solutions to those problems.

SAT-SUNDAY, MARCH 18th/19th, 2017

This weekend we come to the Capricorn Third Quarter Moon which, in Antinous Moon Magic, we call the HADRIAN'S WALL MOON of stubborn intransigence and immovable barriers. Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Hadrian's Wall Lunar Phase is the embodiment of hindrances and blockages. It represents the barriers that stand in your way. It is all barriers and obstacles to progress. Meditations and rituals conducted on this night are best suited for focusing on blockages in your life, situations and issues which prevent you from moving forward. These can be manifested by persons or situations around you. But most often, we find during meditations on this night that we have erected prison walls around ourselves, we are blocking ourselves from the freedom we so earnestly desire. This Lunar Phase is saying it is time to break out!

MON-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th/22nd, 2017

This week is dominated by the Sun's entry into Aries on Monday for the Equinox ... first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and first day of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The Equinox is the start of the astrological new year. This is the first day of Spring for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of Autumn for our brothers in the Southern Hemisphere. Either way, this EQUINOX is the traditional starting gun for new starts and new projects. This is also one of the most romantic weeks of the year because love goddess Venus aligns with intellectual Mercury in dreamy Pisces. Passion and compassion are the bywords.

THURS-FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd/24th, 2017

As the work week ends Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter even as Mercury is also square to Pluto. These configurations mean that negotiations with authority figures such as your boss will turn out well for the long run. At last, you can expect answers to some questions which have been plaguing you for the longest time. It may take a little digging, but Mercury opposite Jupiter and square Pluto mean that the answer will be found.

SAT-SUNDAY, MARCH 25th/26th, 2017

This weekend expected the unexpected when Mercury aligns in conjunction with surprise-filled Uranus even as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte for the Aries New Moon which we call the FASCES MOON. The Aries New Moon is the moon of abrupt beginnings which may not be followed through, and of things said which are later regretted, of capricious actions — shoot first, ask questions later. If you have been stalling on starting something new ... now is the time to go for it. Others will warn you that you should exercise caution ... but the Fasces Moon says "no pain, no gain" and urges you to press forward.


Another exciting week lies ahead between March 27th and April 2nd when we come to the Cancer First Quarter Moon. It is the Lunar Phase of reflection and insight which we call the NARCISSUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... Narcissus is the Spirit which tunes out all distractions and all other people in order to focus on the Divinity within. This Lunar Phase is the Spirit of Self-Love and Same-Sex Love. It is forever gazing into its own reflection and whispering to itself: You are Divine! The reflection and the viewer are one and the same. The Spirit of Narcissus is the Divinity which holds a mirror up to ourselves ... More details next time ....

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