Thursday, January 12, 2017

By Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia

FOR tonight's Cancer Full Moon ... the Lunus Moon of Antonius ... Antonius Subia offers this prayer: 


Beautiful God of the Full Moon
Shine your light upon me in darkness
In the deepest hour of the night
I come forth from within
From the fortress of my soul
I come forth from behind my walls
To bathe in your light.
All my defenses are gone now
I peel away the scars of old wounds
And expose new skin to your eyes
I am restored to my true self
The wolf emerges to bear his teeth again
And sniff his way through darkened paths
Across this wilderness of blood and
Enemies that stretches out before me.
My howl reaches to far-away brothers
I know are gazing up naked
And transformed by your power
LUNUS!...let me join the Hounds
Of Antinous and Diana
To run again by their side
I am the Hound of Antinous!
I am his will and his loyalty
I am his courage in living form,
I am a pack of thousands!
The Full Moon is my power 
I see with the eyes of Janus
I sense the coming of unknown things
My ears penetrate the foliage
I am hurled past all barriers
Toward the heart of the horned ones
Antinous is my Master
He is the great wolf in the sky
The Alpha whose command I obey
I will be led into triumph by his command


Image: Deus Lunus also known as Men or Mensis (British Museum). Lunar symbolism dominates his iconography. The god is usually shown with a crescent like open horns on his shoulders, and he is described as the god presiding over the months. He is depicted with a Phrygian cap and a belted tunic. He may be accompanied by bulls and lions in religious artwork. The iconography of Men partly recalls that of Mithras, who also wears a Phrygian cap and is commonly depicted with a bull and symbols of the sun and moon.

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