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ASTRO FORECAST: JANUARY 1st to 15th, 2017

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JANUARY 1st to 15th, 2017


On New Year's Day, you feel intimidated and insecure when assertive Mars moves into alignment with nebulous Neptune. One the one hand, Mars has an agenda of self-esteem priorities. But on the other hand, Neptune says your ego is an illusion. This Mars/Neptune conjunction occurs about every 18 months ... and it invariably coincides with wars, terrorist attacks and betrayals of trust. This is because many males react to insecurity and perceived threats to their manhood by being overly aggressive. But there is a positive side to Mars/Neptune: This is a golden opportunity to review and reassess and meditate on your goals in life ... to come up with realistic ways of achieving them constructively.


On Monday, romantic Venus leaves emotionally cold Aquarius and dives into the romantic depths of Pisces. This sign change marks a major change not only in love but also in finances. Pisces Venus is not only loving and compassionate but also creative and generous. The motto for the next four weeks is: "Give, and you shall receive!" Pisces Venus is super-compassionate and over-generous. For the next month you may find yourself obsessed with spirituality and consumed with compassionate charity for others. On the negative side, common-sense practicality may be hard to muster.


On Tuesday, expect a message from an old flame when we enjoy a Retrograde Mercury sextile Venus aspect which enhances communicative skills ... backwards. Mercury is going backwards ... as seen from Earth. Because Mercury is Retrograde right now, you may get a message from an old business partner or from an old lover who rekindles interests you thought were long extinguished romantic.


On Wednesday, Retrograde Mercury backs out of Capricorn and re-enters Sagittarius, where you can expect messages about travel or spiritual matters ... perhaps an email confirming a reservation you made before Christmas. Mercury ends its Retrograde phase on January 8th, so you can expect to find "lost" parcels and computer files which vanished three weeks ago when Mercury went Retrograde.

THURS.-FRIDAY JAN. 5th-6th, 2017

Overnight Thursday-Friday, we come to the Aries First Quarter Moon, which is the Lunar Phase we call the INVICTUS MOON ,,, the Antinous Moon Magic spirit of Mithras ... because this lunar phase always occurs in December or January near the Solstice Birthday of Mithras ... Invictus is the bold light that shines forth from a gay man's eyes to illuminate those around him. It is the warmth of your every being ... It is the optimism which brightens a dismal day when things are going wrong. Invictus is indomitable, unbeatable, unconquerable ... It is a determined spirit which never admits defeat, never gives up, never quits ... Invictus is a beacon which dispels darkness and casts out shadows ... In Antinous Moon Magic, tonight is an ideal time for meditation and rituals aimed at illuminating opaque situations or questions ... It is well-suited for planning assertive, goal-oriented action aimed at whole-heartedly positive results.


This weekend is likely to be intensely distressing on many levels when the Sun aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun shines a light on dirty dealings and black secrets which have been concealed all last year, or even longer. The new year is coming in with a bang.

SUN-MONDAY JAN. 8th-9th, 2017

Aren't you tired of all the computer glitches, "lost" files, travel delays and snafus of recent weeks? Take heart! On Sunday Mercury does an about-face and starts going forward again as seen from Earth, ending three weeks of Retrograde "backwards" travel. So you can safely message friends and co-workers a prediction that certain "lost" computer files or parcels will show up by the time they go to work the next morning. Mercury going backwards creates this sort of impish mayhem with matters concerning communications, documents and money. Misplaced tickets, keys, "lost" computer files, letters and packages which vanish into postal limbo ... all are typical of Retrograde Mercury. The "lost" things turn up again as if by magic when Mercury goes Direct again. A skilled astrologer, Hadrian no doubt amazed his courtiers by accurately predicting when some "lost" document or wayward courier message would finally re-appear out of no where.

TUES-SUNDAY JAN. 10th-15th, 2017

The second week of 2017 sets the tone for what promises to be an astrologically very troublesome year. Rage is followed by tears, temper tantrums followed by crying jags when the following aspects plague us: Sun square Uranus, Mars sextile Pluto, Sun square Jupiter, Venus conjunction Neptune and then when we come to the Cancer Full Moon, which is the lunar phase we call the LUNUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic — the Moon of Moons! This is a Full Moon which brings out powerful emotions. Because this Full Moon always occurs during December/January, it is emotional farewell to the old year and heart-felt welcoming of the new year. You will shed sentimental tears for loved ones you have lost during the past year, not to mention a job or other things you may have lost.


Another exciting week lies ahead between January 16th and 22nd when we come to the Scorpio Third Quarter Moon. This is the Lunar Phase in Antinous Moon Magic which we call the PERDITION MOON of coming to terms with loss and diminishment. Meditations and rituals carried out during this Lunar Phase are best suited for seeking to come to terms with loss and finding areas in your life where you may unconsciously be causing yourself loss or sadness. This Lunar Phase is NOT about giving in to loss and grief, but rather it is about moving through them to find new ways towards growth and fulfillment ... More details next time ....

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