Thursday, December 1, 2016

ASTRO FORECAST: DECEMBER 1st to 18th, 2016

Antinous Astrology Forecast

DECEMBER 1 to 18, 2016


On Thursday you see the world through rose-colored glasses when the Sun is at right angles to Neptune. Sun-square-Neptune is the kind of aspect that occurs when Jack sells the family cow for a handful of "magic" beans. In the fairy tale, of course, the beans turn out to be magic after all. But on this weekend the beans aren't magic at all. If you do holiday shopping, it might be a good idea to watch your emotions and not let yourself be carried away. It might also be a good idea to watch your wallet and not let it be lifted by some pickpocket.


On Friday you may feel like a "noble knight" when Mars forms a trine aspect with the Jupiter. Unfortunately, Mars trine Jupiter many people may become deluded that they are superheroes, using others as kindling to start fires — not always literally often metaphorically. Either way, it is just so they can be seen to be the hero and put it out and destroy the lives of others in the process. Beware of crusaders who urge you to take part in some sacred battle. And beware of demagogues who insist they are fighting a holy war, sacrificing the lives of many innocent men women and children in the name of war or competition for basic/personal needs, just so they look like the hero.

SAT.-MONDAY DEC. 3rd-5th, 2016

This weekend Mercury gets down to business and moves into Capricorn. From now through New Year's Eve (when Mercury enters Aquarius) you may find it easier to set helpful limits just as the holiday season reaches its peak. This is a mentally grounded energy that can help you understand the trade-off between short-term pain and long-term gain. Mercury in Capricorn is focused on the future and eager to organize a grounded plan for success. Whatever your goals now ... a calm holiday, a strong start to 2017 ... Capricorn Mercury can help you put a plan into place. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of structure and focus. Mercury has a quicksilver, trickster nature. When in Saturn's sign, Mercury is urged to get organized, so a little effort goes a long way now. Consider the consequences of what you decide, and make sure the costs are truly worth it. A slow-and-steady approach will help you stay calm through the end of the year. Mercury in Capricorn embodies the idea that when you say "no" to one offer, you create space to say "yes" to another. As we move out of the holiday season and into the new year, remember to keep your eye on the prize! Also this weekend, the THE YEAR OF MARS 2016 certainly lives up to its name this weekend when aggressive Mars forms an ambition-filled sextile aspect with Saturn. You will be energized with perseverance and endurance for the long haul.

TUES.-WEDNESDAY DEC. 6th-7th, 2016

Overnight Tuesday-Wednesday we come to the Pisces First Quarter Moon. In Antinous Moon Magic this is the CONSORTIUM MOON of partnership, commitment and belonging ... it is symbolized by the wedding ring ... Because it always occurs towards the end of the year, the Consortium Moon represents the cyclical nature of the year, the ending of one year and the beginning of a new year ... Tonight is a beneficent night for meditation or rituals concerning relationships and all things that are bound by a circle of togetherness ... In health matters, it refers to blood and the circulatory system ... This is the Lunar phase of the Circle of Life, the inter-connectedness of all things.


On Thursday dreams really can come true when ambitious Mars forms a positive sextile aspect with impulsive, anything-goes Uranus. This powerful configuration throws open all the doors and windows so that a breath of fresh air comes blowing through your life on all levels ... at work and also in your interpersonal relationships. Uranus throws everything up in the air and opens new possibilities. Meanwhile, Venus leaves stodgy Capricorn and enters socially interactive Aquarius, so you may feel an irresistible urge to check your social network even before you get out of bed. The coming month is idea for exploring the vastness of cyber worlds in search of the ultimate interactive relationship. You sense a yearning for new and interesting places, things and friends as Aquarius Venus opens your heart to adventurous new ideas and people. It will be easy for you to overcome your shyness and meet new people. But you may get bored quickly and may have a hard time focusing on any one subject — or person.


On Friday be sure to buy a lottery ticket when the Sun forms a sextile aspect with lucky Jupiter. Keep your eyes open for opportunities for good fortune.


On Saturday the weekend gets off to an intuitive start when Mercury forms a sextile aspect with dreamy Neptune. You should trust your intuition about financial and business matters, but be wary of fast-talking salesmen who try to cloud your mind. You can count on finding the right word at the right time by trusting your inner voice.


On Sunday, we come to our annual reality check when the Sun aligns with Saturn. This year's Sun/Saturn rendezvous is in the jovial sign of Sagittarius. The result is that Saturn floods you with doubts and caution while the Sun showers you with over-confidence and over-optimism. You find yourself wanting desperately to achieve long-stalled goals ... but you are plagued by doubts and insecurities. You crave recognition, but you find it difficult to cope with praise.


The first part of this week is dominated by Uranus, when the Sun forms a positive trine aspect with Uranus which blows in a breath of fresh air which rejuvenates and invigorates you and encourages you to act first and ask questions later.Remember also that the Sun is aligned with Saturn and both are in a pleasant sextile aspect to lucky Jupiter ... all of which encourages you to make plans for the coming year.

TUES-WEDNESDAY DEC. 13th-14th, 2016

Overnight Tuesday/Wednesday we come to the Gemini Full Moon, which is the CATAMITUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic, the moon signaling where change will occur in your life during the coming year. This is a powerfully magical moon for working gay magical spells in the Gemini areas of friendships, finances and getting in contact with prospective lovers.

THURS-FRIDAY DEC. 15th-16th, 2016

On Thursday and Friday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes VOID OF COURSE for more than 20 hours across all time zones — causing delays, rescheduling, lost messages and missed opportunities. Remember we always say you should think of ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD as your favorite rock or pop star giving a concert. The VOC MOON is the break between sets. The singer goes back stage for a costume change and psychs themselves up for the next set. Meanwhile, the audience is waiting impatiently out front while video projections and doo-wah girls fill the interlude. That's what a VOID OF COURSE MOON feels like. Nothing much will happen during this VOC period — nothing bad, but nothing good either, just nothing. But on the plus side, a VOC is perfect for meditation, dream-scaping and contacting the spirit world.

SAT-SUNDAY DEC. 17th-18th, 2016

This weekend promises to be quietly romantic when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD engages in sexy configurations with love planet Venus and also with impetuous, love-at-first-sight Uranus. Otherwise, there are no major planetary aspects, which means you should enjoy the lull while it lasts ... as tensions mount next week!


Another exciting week lies ahead between December 19th and 25th when we come to the Virgo Third Quarter Moon, which brings down powerful healing energies. In Antinous Moon Magic we call this the AESCULAPIUS MOON in honor of the Classical god of the physician's art. Meditation and rituals carried out tonight are ideal for bringing down healing energies for yourself and those you love ... More details next time ....

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