Saturday, October 15, 2016

By Our Crystal Therapy Adviser Martin Campbell

THE Aries Full Moon ... the "Lightning Moon" in Antinous Moon Magic ... ushers in a period of potentially intense and/or sudden change.

Tonight's Lightning Moon is special because it is also a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse ... the first time a Super Total Eclipse has occurred in three decades. 

So, I recommend the following:

Moonstone - this is absolutely the best crystal at this time. It helps accepting change as part of a cycle of moon phases. 

Bloodstone - helps you to act in the present moment, and deal with change. It is also meant to help you control the weather!

Clear Calcite - Helps you accept new beginnings.

Aqua Aura - my favourite suggestion for this lunar cycle. (Photo top of this entry.) It is clear quartz crystal fired in an oven with gold dust. So not dissimilar to being struck by gold lightning! The process creates a magical blue crystal. 

Friends of mine comment on the 'point' I often wear with a deep blue Iolite mounted in silver with it (one of the attributes of Iolite is supporting the body in improving physical health). 

Aqua Aura creates space for something new to come into your life. Of course, being 'created' by man made processes may mean that some people get sniffy about it! 

I usually only recommend crystals that are readily available. The above are all readily available although the Aqua Auras can be expensive.

As this is an unusual moon, however, I thought it might be interesting to mention two other crystals which are ‘striking’ in that they came about via massive strikes on the earth. Not from lightening though…

Moldavite – Thousands of years ago a huge meteorite struck earth in Europe. The impact site is now covered by regions of Moldova, the Czech Republic and Germany. 

The intense heat of the impact turned the trees, soil and rocks into a deep green "glass" tektite crystal called Moldavite which was scattered for many miles around the impact crater. Most of the central crater has now been mined of the tonnes of Moldavite it once contained.  It is much harder to find the crystals blown many miles away from that central point. So Moldavite can be very expensive – especially the delicate, tree-like, ones found in the Czech region of Besednice.

Due to its origins, Moldavite is ‘high vibrational’. Its energies flow at a level of vibration above virtually all other crystals. It will put you in touch with your higher self and ‘higher’ beings – especially if placed over your third eye. Be careful though! Many people can’t cope with the sudden head rush that Moldavites can create. I have brain damage so find I can’t go near them – especially the Besednice ones. I get very disorientated. My partner loves them so I always carry grounding crystals in case I come to near him if he is using one!

Libyan Gold/Libyan Glass Tektite - Thousands of years ago a huge meteorite struck earth in north Africa. The impact site is now covered by regions of Libya and Egypt. The intense heat of the impact turned the desert sands into a yellow ‘glass’ tektite crystal called Libyan Gold or Libyan Glass.

I usually just refer to it as Libyan Glass. 

These crystals can be very beautifully and jewellers can turn them into amazing pieces to wear. 

The Egyptian pharaohs sought out chunks of Libyan Glass to adorn their jewellery – they also knew of its magical attributes… Libyan Glass was said the bring the sun god – the Aten - to earth.

The Aten was the god who the heretical pharaoh Akhenaten worshipped and tried to make all Egyptians worship. 

It is interesting, therefore, that his son Tutankhamum (under whom Egypt was returned to its old gods) has a Libyan Glass scarab beetle carved as the central piece to the strings of jewels lain across his chest for burial (photo at the top of this entry).

Libyan Glass will help protect you on any journey, physical or spiritual. It will also help you to put the past behind you, to separate you from any negativity you have previously experienced. It is also high vibrational but the energy is smoother, less dramatic. I love it and have several pieces including a spear probably a thousand years old.

Love and Light until next week,

MARTIN CAMPBELL is an author living in Britain who is adept at Antinous Moon Magic in its special forms of pendulum, card reading and crystal magic. He is the author of THE LOVE GOD, a historical novel tracing the life of Antinous from the moment his tousle-haired head emerges from his mother's womb under auspicious stars in Asia Minor to the moment his head sinks beneath the swirling waters of the Nile on a starry evening in Egypt.