Sunday, July 3, 2016

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

TONIGHT is the Cancer New Moon, the Adonis Moon of Antinous honouring our spouses, partners and significant others.

From the start, Antinous has always been identified with Adonis, as with the breath-taking Farnese statue of Antinous/Adonis above.

If you want to meditate with his image in mind or that of a loved one or lover then I would recommend holding some Onyx.

Typically black (although can be found in other colours) Onyx is a powerful stone which can help you to recognize and integrate the dualities we often have within us such as homotheosis - man = god, god = man. 

This will lead to better self-control. Onyx can also improve stamina..!

Every New Moon my love Soman and I write down our intentions and aspirations for the coming moon phase. 

We stand under the moon and read an incantation over them asking for the blessing of the goddess.

We then place them under the pillows we sleep on until the next Full Moon ... in two weeks' time.

Then we read an incantation of thanks and offering while burning the intentions in a cauldron. I then soak the ashes in water and sprinkle them around the base of our roses. 

Our intentions almost always come true and our roses are magnificent. Last year, one orange rose was still flowering in mid November!

So tonight might be a very good night to start such a cycle for yourselves folks!

Love and Moon Light

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