Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ASTRO FORECAST: JULY 6th — 17th, 2016

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JULY 6th to 17th, 2016


Love is in the air on Wednesday when Venus forms a generous trine aspect with Mars. This is not a critical date but it can favor reconciling couples ... or at least reconciling masculine/feminine aspects of your own personality. You should re-evaluate the relationship rather than jump back into the situation. Relationships are one of your greatest areas of learning and it's not always easy living side-by-side with people who aren't you. Everyone’s different and sometimes those differences are extreme ... radically different opinions or different beliefs about what’s right and wrong. Sometimes those differences are not as extreme but often play out as if they are ... different culture, social class, upbringing or religion. In mythology, Venus and Mars are feisty lovers and not faithful to one another at all. Yet, there’s potential here for you to decide to live in love, to embrace a more passionate existence and to stand hand in hand with the people closest to you. Venus and Mars hold promise for sensuality, falling in love, making love, staying in love and loving the ones you're with.


Thursday is the best day of the summer for signing nuptial agreements when the Sun and Mercury align in perfect conjunction in romantic Cancer. Mercury is also in opposition to Pluto, which means any agreement signed today will last forever ... if not longer. Meanwhile, Venus square Uranus means anything might happen at the altar ... like in those screwball comedies when the groom runs off with the best man at the last minute.

FRIDAY JULY 8th, 2016

The work week could end in strife when the Sun is in opposition to Pluto. But help is on the way when Cancer Mercury forms a silver-tongued sextile aspect with Virgo Jupiter to ensure that only words fly ... and not fists.


This promises to be a highly fortuitous weekend when the Sun forms a sextile aspect with lucky Jupiter. Keep your eyes open for opportunities for good fortune.

MONDAY JULY 11th, 2016

This powerful week starts off on an assertive note when Mercury forms powerful aspects to Mars and Uranus. Mercury trine Pluto prompts us all to be self-assertive and very sure of ourselves and our opinions and intent of letting others know it. Mercury square Uranus, meanwhile, means that you can expect to hear the unexpected ... wholly surprising and even shocking things will bombard your ears. On the global level, these configurations produce highly volatile statements. On the personal level, you can expect amazing disclosures.

TUESDAY-FRIDAY JULY 12th-15th, 2016

This week is roaring when both Mercury and Venus leave sensitive Cancer and charge into fiery Leo. On Tuesday we come to the Libra First Quarter Moon, the beautiful moon of balance and equilibrium we call the VENUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... This is Venus Genetrix, the Mother of Rome ... Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for questions about your mother or your "inner mother" and also about finding flexible solutions to problems. The serpentine qualities of the "Snake Goddess Moon" offer insights into how to slither around or through seemingly impervious barriers in life. Later Tuesday Venus, the planet of love, leaves down-home Cancer and struts into show-off Leo, where she remains throughout the rest of the month. This is a chance to put on high heels and strut your stuff and make yourself attractive to others so your popularity soars. When you look good, you feel good so treat yourself to a new outfit or a facial or a haircut or any other pampering session that boosts your self esteem. Old-school astrology texts like to call Leo a Drama Queen. They like to paint planets in the sign of Leo as people with superiority complexes. This happens occasionally, but mostly it doesn't. Leo is the sign of Royalty, and royalty, the kind that stays in power, doesn't lord over others. True royalty is generous, humane and often quietly dignified. Venus in Leo gives you the expressive dignity of a Queen or King, you have creative dominion over an artistic field… and the hearts of others. Then on Thursday Mercury leaves Cancer, the one Sign where Mercury feels really bored. Starting now, Mercury fast-forwards through fiery Leo in just two weeks, exiting on July 30th. This will be an exciting two weeks of tweeting, chatting, messaging, emailing, blogging and vlogging for sure.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY JULY 16th/17th, 2016

This weekend you would be well-advised to avoid crowds and potential terrorism targets when the moody Cancer Sun is in a 90-degree right angle to impulsive Uranus even as Mercury and Venus align in conjunction in selfish Leo and the sun forms a powerful trine aspect with Mars. Sun trine Mars encourages people to believe they can do anything ... and get away with anything. On the negative side, people run amok and even the weather can be more than usually unpredictable and destructive. On the positive side, however, you might accidentally run into the new love of your life ... while running for shelter. Venus and Mercury aligned in Leo the lion makes for a hot weekend of big-cat loving.


Another exciting week lies ahead between July 18th and 24th when we come to the Capricorn Full Moon, which is the lunar cycle we call the TOWER MOON in memory of the observatory tower which Emperor Hadrian built at his Villa to study the stars. This is the moon for reaching for the stars ... seeking job promotions ... stretching on tiptoes to grasp something previously unattainable .... More details next time ....

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