Friday, May 13, 2016

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrological expert Hernestus describes the coming Leo First Quarter Moon phase as the SCARAB MOON of miracles and wish-fulfillment, unanticipated solutions and fortuitous surprises.

We all want the wave of the magical fairy wand or sprinkle of fairy dust. What is fairy dust? Well I have always assumed it was crystal dust...

So, for crystal enhanced meditations this moon phase I would recommend the following crystals:

Citrine - (top of entry) It helps you to accept the positive flow of energies that will take you to where you sub-consciously (or even consciously) know you really need to be (physically, emotionally or spiritually). 

Orange Calcite - (left above) These pretty stones remove fear and balance the emotion so that you are open and ready for positives to enter your life.

Emerald - As beautifully faceted gem stones they are, of course, a wonderful surprise gifts! They also enhance the enjoyment of the world and all it brings.

Love and Light,

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