Wednesday, April 13, 2016

By Priest Hernestus Gill

IN a mirror you can see many images … all different … clear and distinct.

But underneath the difference of the images there lies the pure silver of the mirror.

So, in exactly the same way, seeing all the details clearly analyzed, we need to remain aware of consciousness itself … of awareness itself … HOMOTHEOSIS ... Gay-Man-Godliness-Becoming-The-Same.

It has been said that the highest wisdom lies in detachment, of seeing existence as if in a mirror.

The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror … it grasps nothing … it refuses nothing ... it receives, but does not keep.

In short, it is to be detached from both past and future and to live in the eternal NOW. For Antinous, all moments in Time are NOW … all points in Space are HERE.

In truth neither past nor future have any existence apart from this NOW and HERE.

By themselves they are illusions. Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal.

For the present moment is infinitely small. Before we can measure it, it has gone ... and yet it persists for ever.

That is the essence of HOMOTHEOSIS ... Gay-Man-Godliness-Becoming-The-Same.

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