Thursday, March 31, 2016

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

THE Hadrian's Wall Moon is a time of stubborn intransigence and immovable barriers'. 

Anyone who visits Hadrian's Wall is confronted with that incredible, imposing, 79 mile division that separated the Romans from the terrifying and annoying Pict tribes of Caledonia (from whom, of course, I am descended!). 

Visitors are also reminded that here was the 'end' of Rome. Britannia was safe, prosperous but strictly controlled and emphatically Roman. Beyond the wall was freedom of expression and the continuity of ancient traditions and religious practices. 

We may experience obstacles in our paths but they are not always bad. We can reflect on the life either side of that obstacle and may sometimes find that the life we have on the side seen as less desirable may actually be the most liberating one.

Meditations during this moon phase are best enhanced by the use of the following crystals:

Amethyst - One of my regular recommendations (I hope I'm not boring you with it!) it is a beautiful multi-purpose crystal.

As you wage an internal battle with an emotional, social, work, artistic or intellectual blockage you will want a feeling of resolution.

Among many other attributes Amethyst can help you overcome blockages and even addictions. It can help you to transition to a new state of being.

Red Calcite - These crystals help remove blockages emotionally and shift negative energies. It also helps constipation!!!

Larimar (AKA Dolphin Stone) - These beautiful, pale turquoise coloured, stones have only recently been found and mined in the Caribbean.

They help to remove self-imposed blockages.

Love and Light,

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