Monday, February 22, 2016

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

FOR the DIANA MOON phase I have been advised by our moon phase and astrology expert that we should be delving into sibling issues as well as seeking the advice of your spiritual twin. All with a focus on "sisterhood" without gender limitations.  

Of course our siblings or sisters do not necessarily need to be living or even of the earthly realm. Many of us draw wisdom and protection from female angels, spirit guides or goddesses. 

Crystal healing and guided meditations tends to be a female dominated craft. Hence the female attributes for crystals are often very focused on menstrual cycles and childbirth. 

Not applicable to most people who will be reading this blog and not wholly pertinent to non gender specific or spiritual sisterhood either! 

So I can only recommend the following crystals:

Amazonite - these turquoise coloured crystals (above right) balance male and female energies and help you to see both sides of a situation.

Ametrine - these are increasingly rare crystals as they only come from one mine in Bolivia! I don't usually recommend rarer crystals but these help to unite female and masculine energies. 

Aventurine - these green stones (above left) help to balance male and female energies.

Moonstone - these often beautiful stones (right) also help to balance male and female energies but also assist those with male energies to get in touch with their feminine side...

Love and Light

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