Thursday, December 24, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

TONIGHT's very special Yuletide Full Moon ... the first since 1977 and the last until 2034 ... is the Cancer Full Moon ... which we call the Lunus Moon in Antinous Moon Magic.

Depending on your faith, today (or at this time of year) I can wish you a happy…

Saturnalia, Birth of Mithras, Yule, Hanuka, Christmas, Yalda, Panch Canapati and Hogswatch!! 

It is a time for joy, fun, gift giving, rich food but also a time for reflection on what has been and what is to come.

All year round we are blessed by the glittering gift of our wonderful astrology adviser, Hernestus.

He has reminded me that this moon phase is the Cancer Full Moon which is the one we refer to as the Lunus Moon in Antinous moon magic. 

Hernestus suggests that this moon may find you focused on emotions and visualising them in meditations or trances. 

Of course emotions are at their highest during religious festivals or times of collective merriment. 

Some will be riotous and singing, some will be telling jokes, some will be arguing loudly with family members but some, often tucked out of sight may be sitting quietly and remembering lost ones, happier times or the true spiritual meanings of the day.

The key thing about emotions is to let them out! 

One way of doing so, of course, is to give a gift to say 'I love you', 'thank you' or 'I don't like you so I am giving you a horrible jumper I found in a charity shop/thrift store'! 

Many will give the gift of crystals today either as part of a jewel, a crystal itself, or even in less obvious ways. 

Watches often contain actual or liquid crystal. Power tools often use diamond parts because of their immense strength. Glass objects are made from melted sand - which are grains of crystals and stones ground nearly to dust by natural erosion.

A gift to yourself is finding the time to sit and take a few minutes out from all the craziness and meditating for a while. 

I would suggest using the following crystals to focus particular energies and emotions for you: 

Jade (esp. green) - This stone (jade Yule tree above) channels passion into constructive approaches to situations with the people around you whether family, friends, colleagues or enemies. It is not surprising, therefore, that Chinese people have held Green Jade as sacred for over a millennia. Green, of course, also reminds us of the Holly, Ivy and mistletoe so beloved and sacred to ancient Pagans.

Carnelian - (Carnelian Yule tree above) Once you are moving into, or have found, your place of positivity then I suggest that you the crystal which is my personal favourite – Carnelian. Red or orange Carnelian helps you to become full of life force and vitality. It helps you to focus on positive outcomes, joy and fun approaches to life.

Fire Opal - Many of us mourn the loss of another year or focus on other losses we may have experienced in that, or previous, years. 

I carried a Fire Opal with me for over a year during  a very troubling time in my life a couple of years ago. 

I held it during meditations too. It helped my immensely – I felt my moments of grief released more readily yet the outcomes of each cry or moment of depression were somehow channeled into more positive thinking.

Whatever you are doing at this festive time of year please accept my warmest wishes for your happiness and fulfillment. Blessed be to you all. Ave Antinous!

Light and Life,

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