Wednesday, December 2, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

THERE are two consecutive moon cycles to ponder and seek inspiration from. They are both focused on disease, sickness and healing. The AESCULAPIUS MOON with its focus on healing energy The LAMIA MOON with its focus on sickness and disease.

It is, therefore, sensible to consider the moons alongside each other and find crystals that you can meditate with, hold or surround yourself with during these phases. 

Hopefully they can guard you from ill health, help cure any illness you may have and find spiritual connections which may help you do this alone or in connection with other spiritually connected souls around the world. 

AGATE - There are many different types of Agate in many lovely colours. Collectively they help to diminish problems, cleanse your aura and strengthens blood vessels that carry healing white blood cells around the body.

AMETHYST – These are much loved and very common crystals. Some are made into rings or pendants,these will be less powerful than a more natural ‘raw’ crystal (pictured). They cleanse your vital organs and immune system. They are great for the skin and can lower high blood pressure. 

FLUORITE – These come in many colours or blends of colours. Collectively they reorganise inappropriate energies in the body by detoxifying the glands. 

MOLDAVITE – Now this is a very, very powerful crystal. It is recognised as one of the crystals with highest vibrations available. As a qualified Reiki healer, my partner collects and uses such crystals. It can, however, take quite a while to become attuned to their vast power. If you can become attuned at all – I really can’t because I have a balance problem since my stroke. If I pick up a Moldavite or stand near my partner when he is using one during meditation I get very unbalanced and feel nauseous.  

They were formed when a meteorite struck the earth on the Czech Republic/Moldova border in ancient times.  They make you aware of the cause of disease and help you to see any positives held within it. 

This may sound contradictory but my stroke released me from a stressful job and has allowed me to write my novel THE LOVE GOD and do things like crystal guidance for you all. 

Moldavite is good for healing the diseases of the respiratory tract such as flu. If you can become attuned to them they can help you to realise you are a spiritual being – my partner has advanced his spiritual connections and healing abilities through conscious work and mediation with these incredible stones. 

The most powerful are Bezednice Moldavites found in only one small area of the meteorite impact site. They look like little trees – beautiful but hugely expensive – my partner has two and believes they are the most potent. I can’t go near them!

RAINBOW MOONSTONE – These lovely crystals (shown at top of entry) help you to personally connect to healing that you can project locally and globally. It also eyes arteries and veins. Very powerful for using during moon phases but too powerful during full moons.

In Light and Life,

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  1. Did you try to combine moldavite and quartz?

    A beatiful moldvite from deposit Besednice:

    1. No, I find the energetic power of Moldavite too extreme for me. It is a powerful stone of transformation - especially the rarer Bezednice techtites. Moldavite tends to take energy to your head and lift you into higher energetic realms. I have a brain injury so this is not good for me!! To combine one with quartz would dramatically enhance the energy which would really not be good for me!

      Quartz, especially clear quartz, will always enhance the energy of another crystal which can be very helpful for a crystal healer. Used without training can be unwise because quartz can often double the energetic power of a crystal. So you may not be able to correctly focus that energy.

      If you find the Moldavite works for you then you could try using a quartz as well but be careful - the effect may be quite powerful!

      My partner loves Moldavite. When he is using them I have Carnelian and/or Tourmaline with me to relax and ground me! So you may want to hold a Tourmaline as well.

      You may want to read more about Moldavite, I suggest:


      Let me know how you get on!

      Love and Light