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ASTRO FORECAST: DEC. 17 2015 — JAN. 3, 2016

Antinous Astrology Forecast

DEC 17, 2015 - JAN 3, 2016


In ancient times Antinous was famous for love spells and you can see for yourself when love goddess Venus is in a sexy sextile aspect with darkly magical Pluto. Venus sextile Pluto gives you the ability to cast a really powerful kind of love spell on others. We all know that love spells can go any which way. They can bind two people’s affections together in ways that are movingly romantic and passionate or dangerously unbalanced and obsessive. Pluto tends to manifest in extremes, so with this planet in aspect to Venus, your planet of romance, love affairs tend to swing from one end of the emotional spectrum to the next. You'll often find yourself on the receiving end of some obsessively intense attractions but you’re certainly prone to experiencing all-consuming feelings of attraction toward the object of your desire. Go ahead, give it love a chance.


On Friday we come to the Pisces First Quarter Moon. In Antinous Moon Magic this is the CONSORTIUM MOON of partnership, commitment and belonging ... it is symbolized by the wedding ring ... Because it always occurs towards the end of the year, the Consortium Moon represents the cyclical nature of the year, the ending of one year and the beginning of a new year ... Tonight is a beneficent night for meditation or rituals concerning relationships and all things that are bound by a circle of togetherness ... In health matters, it refers to blood and the circulatory system ... This is the Lunar phase of the Circle of Life, the inter-connectedness of all things.


On Saturday "mental" Mercury aligns in conjunction with "investigative" Pluto, allowing us the chance to deftly channel our "inner detective" to get to the bottom of things, if we so desire ... although, we may also want to practice some measure of discretion with respect to how, when, and with whom we ultimately decide to share any of our findings. As most of us know: once we put something "out there," it’s there for good. By the way, the Scottish writer, Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of "Sherlock Holmes," had his natal Mercury in a tight conjunction with Pluto in Taurus in his "hidden" twelfth house. Michael Jackson was another person with this same planetary aspect, an influence which can also give us a "flair for the dramatic." Mercury-Pluto also tends to inject more passion (Pluto) into our communications (Mercury)..


On Sunday vengeance and enmity ignite erupt when Mercury and Uranus are in a 90-degree right angle to each other, completing a week dominated by explosive Uranian configurations. This is the second time this year that Mercury square Uranus has plagued us. The last time, in mid-July, was a time rife with mass shootings and terrorist attacks.


Overnight Monday/Tuesday we come to the December Solstice. Tuesday at 04:47 Universal Time (8:48 p.m. Monday at the Hollywood Temple of Antinous) the sun "stands still" ("Sol Stasis") — the December 21/22, 2015, Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere the days begin to get longer again, and in the Southern Hemisphere daylight begins to wane. But remember: As we pointed out yesterday, vengeance and enmity ignite erupt when Mercury and Uranus are in a 90-degree right angle to each other, completing a week dominated by explosive Uranian configurations. This is the second time this year that Mercury square Uranus has plagued us. The last time, in mid-July, was a time rife with mass shootings and terrorist attacks.


On Wednesday and Thursday love goddess Venus forms a fine sextile aspect to jovial Jupiter which makes for a harmonious Christmas Eve. Whether you are working over the holidays or are in the throes of family Christmas stress, Venus sextile Jupiter helps to smooth over the tensions and create a loving atmosphere.


Christmas Day is very special this year not only because Mercury and Jupiter form a convivial trine aspect but also because we it is a Full Moon Day as we come to the Cancer Full Moon, which is the lunar phase we call the LUNUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic — the Moon of Moons! This is a Full Moon which brings out powerful emotions. Because this Full Moon always occurs during December/January, it is emotional farewell to the old year and heart-felt welcoming of the new year. You will shed sentimental tears for loved ones you have lost during the past year, not to mention a job or other things you may have lost.


The period between Christmas and New Year's is always a time of reflection and digestion and this weekend is particularly sleepy when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms lackadaisical aspects Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto — but none of the major planets engage in any meaningful aspects with each other.


The final week of the year 2015 is dominated by Mercury square Mars. Overnight Monday/Tuesday Capricorn Mercury moves into a 90-degree right angle aspect to Libra Mars. This square aspect dominates both days and, indeed, tinges the whole week to come. Many astrologers say that this aspect is when people sharpen their swords. But in my experience in casting gay horoscopes, we find that a Mercury/Mars square involving goat-headed Capricorn and prevaricating Libra indicates that people will be sharpening their tongues to use as weapons! Remember that lovely line from "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde (who is a Saint of Antinous, by the way): "On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure." This is an aspect which encourages people to say vicious and intentionally hurtful things. People are overly persnickety and bitchy and downright mean. You'll be amazed how true this is. And if you want to remain above the fray, just remember when something cruel is on the tip of your tongue to bite your tongue. That's because Mercury enters Aquarius later this week and Mars dives into devilish Scorpio on the weekend and you don't want to say something now that you'll regret this coming weekend.


On Wednesday Venus soars into jovial Sagittarius, leaving behind the murky moodiness of Scorpio for another year. Sagittarius Venus is supremely optimistic and eager to give everybody the benefit of the doubt when it comes to trust in matters of love. This is in stark contrast to wary suspicions which abounded when Venus was in Scorpio. From now until January 24th, Sadge Venus encourages you to give love a chance.

NEW YEAR'S EVE 2015-2016

On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day hope and confidence fill the atmosphere when we come to the LIBRA THIRD QUARTER MOON, which we call the CROSSROADS MOON. It is a time for setting a new course, possibly changing course, setting out in a new direction. It is about making a decision. The key is not to worry about which choice to make. The key is to make a choice and go ahead with it.


On Saturday it's time to take advantage of those January Clearance Sales and buy a new smartphone, tablet or other communications device when Mercury enters the tech-friendly and communications-conscious sign of Aquarius. This is the best time of year for communications technology upgrades. But hurry, because Mercury only stays in Aquarius for seven days before it goes "Retrograde" (backwards as seen from Earth) and slips back into Capricorn and remains there until Valentine's Day when it re-enters Aquarius.


On Sunday Mars leaves Libra, where it has been very uncomfortable since November 13th, and dives into the steamy waters of Scorpio, where it feels truly at home. All of the warrior god's natural characteristics, good and bad, are much stronger here. Mars's aggressive energies are more intense, more passionate, more loyal, more stubborn, crueler, more secretive, more manipulative, more jealous and (surprise!) more sensitive here than in any other sign. It will be an intense couple of months until Mars enters Sagittarius March 6, 2016.


Another exciting week lies ahead between January 4 and 10 when we come to the Capricorn New Moon, which we call the LAMIA MOON of dark magic. Meditation and rituals conducted tonight are best suited for rooting out malaise and sickness and for diminishing evil sendings. Look for areas in your life where you may be detrimental to yourself, may be working against yourself or may be making yourself sick, perhaps literally so .... More details next time ....

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