Saturday, August 22, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR inspirational astrology expert Hernestus has informed me that today is the second Scorpio First Quarter Moon in succession. It is the THIEF MOON of Antinous. Hernestus suggests that this moon will have you focusing on your own "inner thief". The aspect of you robbing you of the qualities which would otherwise permit you to progress spiritually.

We all have such blocks, doubts, hang-ups. For years I was completely closed to faith. Christianity rejected me and I knew nothing about other mainstream religions. My culture told me that any non-mainstream religions were cults or devil worshipers. 

So I closed myself off and just focused on worship of material objects like most people around me. I told myself that faith was nonsense, superstitious 'mumbo jumbo' that only weak people needed. 

Yet I sub-consciously knew there was a 'lack' there in my soul. I first found Gaia calling to my feminine side, it made sense.

Mainstream religions were typically all male macho Gods - maybe a female divinity would work better for a gentle gay boy?! 

It worked for a while but nature needs balance and so I found Antinous dragging me out of my spiritual closet to give me a divine male balance! 

Since I opened myself up to Gaia and Antinous I have found other gods and spirits who support them and me. There is no going back in that spiritual closet now!

To help you dismiss your doubts to the closet and embrace your inner spiritual diva I recommend that you focus on/hold the following crystal while you meditate:

TOPAZ - these semi-precious crystals sound expensive but usually aren't as expensive as you may imagine if bought as a stone rather than within a jewel. 

Their ability is to get you focused on 'being' rather than 'doing'. We all 'do' stuff all the time which distracts us and keeps us achieving 'things'. 

How often do we just 'be', sit still, listed to our heartbeat, focus on our breath in and out? How often do we question what we are doing or why we think a certain way? Why are we so full of doubts and uncertainties? 

Topaz helps you to cut through all of that nonsense and see the trust in crystal clear sight."

Love and Light,

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