Thursday, August 13, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR fabulous astrology expert Hernestus has informed me that today is the The Leo New Moon or "Sacerdote Moon" of Antinous". Hernestus suggests that this moon will encourage us to focus on spiritual insight and invigorating your connection with your spirit guide.

Spirit guides come in many forms and watch over every aspect and object in our lives. We are used to the concept of (typically!) a native American standing at our shoulder and gently guiding us down the right path. 

Or maybe a specific angel who you identify with and gives you particular aspects of their soul to guide you. 

These are correct for many people - but not all. You see these guides, angels, saints, gods - whatever you want to call them - are divine aspects of you. You simply call in divinity to support and guide you in any way you need. So you can have a guide to help you with writing, numbers, emotion, mending a broken computer or choosing the right shirt for that important date.

Soman and I regularly call for such divine help. If we have lost something or need help with something we ask the angel of that 'thing' to help us. 

For example, today we were putting up some new light fittings. We are no electricians so some things baffled us. We consciously called on the angels of light fittings to help us. 

Within minutes we had figured it out and the lights were up and working!

So what crystals would make this connection to such guides more fluid and significant? I would suggest the following:

Kyanite - these crystals are typically banded layers of crystal - often in roughly rectangular chunks. There are various colours. It can be used to make a clear connection to the divine spirit you need at any given time. 

Lapis Lazuli - these are fabulous, deep blue, stones flecked with gold. They have many dramatic aspects to them which made them much sought after by ancient priests, Kings, Queens and Emperors.

The Pharoahs of ancient Egypt often incorporated them into their jewels (top photo). Part of the attraction was that Lapis assists the holder/wearer to quickly connect with a spirit guide.

In Light and Life,

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