Thursday, August 6, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR venerable astrology expert Hernestus has informed me that today is the Taurus Third Quarter Moon or "Lucius Moon of Antinous". Hernestus suggests that this moon will encourage us to focus on brothers and brotherhood.

I had an interesting insight into this recently. Living in the Pagan heartland of England - Glastonbury - we see regular spiritual events to mark the Pagan calendar, solstices etc. Many of these involve a procession through the streets of the town. 

Glastonbury has the only temple to the Goddess (representing all of the divine feminine aspects of any faith) in the UK (and maybe Europe).

Consequently this little town (10,000 inhabitants) has the only national Goddess Conference attracting priestesses, speakers and delegates from all over the world. To end the conference there is a parade through the streets.

Soman and I had never seen this so we wandered down (2 minutes from our house) to where the parades start. We fully expected to see lots of 'buxom', middle aged women in flowing, tie-dye dresses, long hair and festooned with crystal jewelry. 

There were hundreds of them! They sang songs about their goddesses, played drums and chanted that they 'walked with the goddess' as the procession moved through the streets.

Then, suddenly, there was a surprise. There was a man on the parade! A gay man, carrying a rainbow flag and proudly chanting along with the women about his devotion to a goddess! I nearly cried with joy! 

You see we all have moments where our expectations and stereotypes get challenged. These wonderful women were devoted spiritual beings. Of course they would embrace a brother into their faith - especially a gay one! 

I too have female deities I hold in my worship. It could have been me walking, singing and laughing under that banner. 

These colourful women were my sisters and that  joyous gay guy in the parade was my spiritual brother. You reading this are my brotherly companions in adoration of Antinous. 

If you want to meditate on your brother, brothers, spiritual brothers or brotherhood in general I would suggest the following crystals to hold and focus your energies through while meditating during this moon:

Chalcedony - This beautiful crystal comes in many forms (stones, crystals, geodes etc.). Generally they are pale white, pink or blue. 

In ancient times (probably known to Hadrian who was paranoid about such things) Chalcedony was sometimes formed into chalices for leaders to drink from as it was said to dispel poisons. 

It certainly dissipates negative energy. Perhaps its key attribute, though, is to help us focus on brotherhood and goodwill to all men.   

Rhodonite - This red or pink stone was used in ancient times as an emotional ' First Aid' kit. It was believed to heal torment, shock and pain arising from deeply emotional situations. As a result, this crystal encourages you to focus on brotherhood and humanity."

Love and Light,

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