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Antinous Astrology Forecast

JULY 30 to AUG. 16, 2015


On Thursday frantic and hectic chaos dominates the day when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in tense aspects with Uranus, Mars and Saturn. Remember that your strength depends on your ability to ground yourself and focus your intentions.

FRIDAY JULY 31, 2015

On Friday we come to the AQUARIUS FULL MOON. This is the summertime moon of generous gifts which we associate with Antinous/Vertumnus, the shape-shifting God of summertime bounty and generous gifts. We call this the DONUM MOON when magical rituals are performed for fortuitous gifts.


On Saturday the year 2015 gets a reboot when Saturn turns around in space and goes Direct ("forward" as seen from Earth) again for the first time since it went Retrograde on March 14, 2015. As Saturn retraced its steps over the last four months, we all revisited issues and problems in our lives which needed to be remedied before we move on. Saturn, the school teacher of the Zodiac, forced you to sit down and complete your homework before moving forward to the next class.Now, with Saturn moving forward again, this means a breakthrough in logjams in Scorpio Saturn topics such as karmic trust issues in relationships, business partnerships and legal matters. You will see progress again in those areas and can make new commitments and set new boundaries for Saturn's reentry into upbeat Sagittarius in a few weeks.


On Sunday you can expect surprise tidings from the past when Mercury is in a very conducive karmic-healing trine to Retrograde Uranus. Mercury-trine-Uranus always creates optimal energies for breaking down encrusted old structures and for mentally visualizing bold new solutions. Because Uranus is Retrograde, the emphasis is on the past. Retrograde Uranus opens the portals of Time and Space and Mercury enables you to go through those portals to engage in healing magic involving your own past, or past-life incarnations. Even if you do not work any magic, you can definitely count on receiving a message involving someone or something from the past.


On Monday you may feel paralyzed between optimism and pessimism when Jupiter forms a 90-degree square angle aspect to Saturn which dominates the entire week. This is a textbook case of finding fortune in misfortune. You may find that a project you have been counting on to succeed suddenly backfires ... but that this apparent "failure" turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Jupiter-square-Saturn also often suggests that you yourself become the blessing in disguise for other people. While expecting good fortune for yourself, you suddenly find yourself in the position of helping others ... which is a blessing-in-disguise for you yourself.


On Tuesday a long run of bad luck can suddenly turn around and morph into good luck when Retrograde Venus backs up into perfect conjunction with Jupiter in Leo. Retrograde Venus brings up old issues and former relations which need to be remedied now ... and Jupiter is the traditional Good Luck planet.


On Wednesday watch out for stress in interpersonal relationships when Retrograde Venus is in a 90-degree right angle aspect to Saturn. You can expect some old argument or some old problem you had thought was long since resolved to boil over anew and cause you trouble with your coworkers or your partner.


On Thursday we come to the most promising and yet most risky day of the the whole month when Mars forms a positive trine with Saturn which ensures perseverance and fortitude while Mercury aligns in conjunction with Venus for good articulation of relationship issues. Then later in the day Mercury squares off against Saturn to create stubborn arguments.


On Friday be sure to buy a lottery ticket when lucky Jupiter aligns in conjunction with Mercury. Also Friday we come to the Taurus Third Quarter Moon — the LUCIUS MOON OF BROTHERS — when we honor Lucius Aelius, who was like a brother to Antinous in the imperial court of Hadrian. This night is when we celebrate our gay brothers.


On Saturday you should try to avoid any bickering over the breakfast table. Call a truce until later in the day when you will find healing words for your sweetie after Mercury leaves selfish Leo and enters compassionate Virgo. It has been said that Virgo Mercury is like having a cyber-servant or surrogate replicant who anticipates all your inter-personal communications needs and rushes to your beck and call. Mercury will be in Virgo until August 28, which means you can expect advice and supportive suggestions for "upgrading" your cognitive and communications skills for the next three weeks.


On Sunday Mars enters Leo, to stay there until late September. In this period, you will feel very invigorated, with loads of energy to do just about anything. The planet Mars thrives in Leo, so it is a good period for getting lots of things done, even quickly solving problems that used to be just too much. Mars passes through Leo every year and a half, so it's not a life-changing thing. But Mars truly enjoys this period of endless energy and heightened capacity. Make the most of it!


On Monday enters Leo, to stay there until late September. In this period, you will feel very invigorated, with loads of energy to do just about anything. The planet Mars thrives in Leo, so it is a good period for getting lots of things done, even quickly solving problems that used to be just too much. Mars passes through Leo every year and a half, so it's not a life-changing thing. But Mars truly enjoys this period of endless energy and heightened capacity. Make the most of it!


On Tuesday/Wednesday the biggest change of the year occurs when Jupiter leaves boisterous Leo (where it has been for the past year) and enters Virgo (where it will stay until September 9, 2016). Because Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the sun, it remains in each sign almost exactly one year. Think where you were 12 years ago and you will get an idea of what Virgo Jupiter has to offer you for the next year. Jupiter has been journeying through the sign of Leo since July 16, 2014, inciting us to unearth the secret sediments of gold within our heart (ruled by Leo) and bask in their luminescence. Now the super-sized planet enters Virgo, ironically casting his bird's-eye view on the sign of details. Jupiter in Virgo will encourage us to seek for a higher meaning within the Virgo-ruled areas of human experience: knowledge, work, service, health, practical concerns and day-to-day routine. Jupiter's inclusive mindset does not discard the appeal of simplicity, the value of humility and the magic in the details, and, hopefully, by the end of this transit, neither will we! By September 9, 2016, when Jupiter will enter Libra, the sign of the scales, we will be seeing the simplest things in Life with different eyes.


On Thursday you may feel "of two minds" about a lot of things when logical/cerebral Mercury is in opposition to dreamy/intuitive Neptune. This opposition tends to strengthen your right-brain intuitive abilities while weakening your logical left-brain function. This is hell for technocrats and bean-counters. But it is heaven for artists, poets and anyone seeking to delve into spiritual matters. You can also expect surprises galore when the Sun is in a nice trine aspect with Uranus.


On Friday we come to the Leo New Moon. That is the lunar phase we call the SACERDOTE MOON which spiritually kick-starts your life ... Take time to reflect on becoming who you were born to be ... Rather than focusing on a specific task, go to the center of your heart and meditate on the core strength of your soul ... Perhaps you are here to bring beauty, whether through art, justice, or fashion ... Perhaps you are here to help heal the offering of the world, whether through your writing, activism, or as a physician ... Or maybe you are here to bring insight and truth where there is confusion and ignorance.


This weekend love will be waiting around the corner when Venus and the Sun align in perfect conjunction in hot and horny Leo. Things will be steamy and passionate for sure. You may not form a bond for a lifetime, but it will be incredibly hot while it lasts. And because Venus is Retrograde, don't be surprised if this "new" love is someone from your past.


Another exciting week lies ahead between August 17 and 23 when we come to the Scorpio First Quarter Moon, which is the lunar phase we call the THIEF MOON in honor of Prometheus ... the first thief ... and it was thanks to his larcenous thievery that humans are not living in burrows and dens like animals ... Rituals and meditations tonight can focus on your "inner thief" — the things you rob yourself of — self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, for example. By robbing yourself of these qualities, you are vulnerable to real-life thieves ... Tonight's lunar phase is also reminding us about the ability to take what we need without asking in advance. It is about getting back what is rightfully ours .... More details next time ....

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