Tuesday, June 2, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrology advisor Hernestus has reminded me that today's moon is the Antinous Denarius Moon (Sagittarius Full Moon).

With its focus on finding wealth in your pocket, life, experience, health and people, I would recommend that you meditate using the following crystals:

Aventurine - These beautiful stones are typically pale blue but can be found in other colours/colors. They have many attributes but, for this full moon, the key aspect is that they are very positive stones for prosperity. They also bring mental clarity to help you achieve your prosperity.

Citrine - These beautiful yellow/gold crystals have been well known for centuries as stones of abundance. They help you achieve the wealth you seek in any aspect of your life. A joyful crystal, Citrine also helps you to share your wealth thus bringing other aspects of wealth to you such as the trust, love and friendship of those you help but also building an abundant respect and love of yourself for doing so.

Place a Citrine in the left corner of every room in your home and allow it/ trust it to bring wealth/abundance into your life.

In Light and Life,

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