Sunday, May 17, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

TONIGHT's Taurus New Moon is the Marcus Aurelius Moon of Antinous.

Marcus Aurelius left us his wonderful philosophical work 'Meditations'. 

Whilst not strictly about meditation the writings do invite you to focus deeply on your thoughts as you travel through the complexities of life. 

He was a popular, successful, self-assured, mindful and wise emperor - building on the legacy of thoughtful leadership embodied in his benefactor Hadrian. 

Our astrology expert Hernestus describes our suggested focus for this moon phase in much the same way that these great men ruled much of the known world at the time. 

Consequently I am recommending that you use the following crystals to help you focus your meditation/s on those qualities:

For wisdom - use EMERALDS. These fabulous green gems will help you to gather wisdom from your own subconscious as well as the 'mental planes' that exist spirituality around us, built over millennia by gods, priests, angels and our spirit guides.

For patience - use AMBER (shown at top). Not strictly a crystal, it is fossilised tree sap millions of years old. Very light, in both senses of the word, Amber will help you find peacefulness and calm - vital qualities in becoming patient.

For dignity - use ROYAL PLUM JASPER

One of the less well known Jaspers it brings qualities of status and power but also stability and dignity. 

Marcus Aurelius would have used these crystals if he knew of their ability to imbue these positive vibrations in his soul.

For self confidence - use MOSS AGATE. These lovely stones help you to build self - esteem and to focus on your most positive personality traits.'

In Light and Life,


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