Thursday, March 5, 2015


The Diana Moon is upon us,
Full Moon in Virgo,
In the Darkest Hour
Our Lady of the wolves
Mistress of the hounds
Coming forth from the shadows
To cleanse the visions of her children
Lady of the Secret Grove
Restore my sense of mystical aroma
That I may see again, because I am blind now
Wandering lost in the desert among the thorns
I gave my heart over to doubt and despair
I looked at existence and saw only ashes
I was mistaken and in error and clawing at my fate
Frantically I prayed for an end
And Antinous showed his face again
Now the moon rises up among my stars
For I was born with the Moon in Virgo
I am a hound of the Huntress
The blood of the she-wolf pumps in my heart
I affirm that Antinous is one with Diana
I am one with the Lady and the Lord in my heart
I am restored to the wolf-pack
I hear the call of a familiar howling 
And my howl is heard from afar
I am again restored to the blood of the canines
The Queen of Night is with us, We are invincible in our power
I have become a shield and a fortress
I stand with the witches
The Lady of the Crossroads holds forth a hand 
And the way is known to me in the darkness
I am the Moon in Antinous
I have no fear of the coming of the dawn,
The transfiguration of fate is my joy
And the road that leads my death is lined with beauty.
The Black Dog and the Wild Wolf stand beside me upon the path.I see their shining fangs of strength and power by my side
The light of the Moon in Virgo has revealed
The unfolding of destiny
The wheels of the cosmos turning
New gears with which to steer my course
Diana of the Virgo Moon, 
I draw down your power
And transform into my nature
The power of the Prince is with me

I am blessed by the Queen of Hounds


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