Thursday, March 19, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrology adviser Hernestus tells me that the Pisces New Moon is the "Dog Moon" of fidelity, friendship, trustworthiness and faithfulness. 

I hope you all have friends. They can come in many forms. 

Myself and my partner are blessed with many wonderful human friends but we are also lucky enough to have the companionship of a big, funny, ginger cat and 6 Goldfish. We will soon inherit a tortoise from a dear friend. 

They all 'give' differently and all 'receive' various levels and types of fidelity, friendship, trustworthiness and faithfulness in return. 

Don't forget, however, that even inanimate objects can be 'friends'. Objects that we love, soak up that affection. 

Hernestus, also our ancient Egyptian expert, will tell you that, in Egyptian terms, these loved objects have a 'Ka', a soul imbued in them by us. 

Favourite toys; paintings we love hung on our walls; sculptures of Antinous all receive energy from us and reflect it back at us. It is mutual attraction and affection. 

It is also thus with crystals - more so in fact. Crystals formed amid the vast, energetic turmoil of the Solar System and Earth's creation and are still being formed by the last remnants of that upheaval - volcanoes and meteorites. 

They have specific energies that they emanate constantly. We emanate vibration too - it fluctuates, ebbs and flows with our moods, health and situations. 

It is why we feel drawn to certain crystals and why certain crystals will work for you at certain times. 

With this in mind I would recommend meditations using the following crystals at this time:

Faithfulness & Fidelity - Opal brings loyalty and faithfulness

Green Sapphire brings loyalty and fidelity
Friendship - Emerald promotes friendship and partnership

Lapis Lazuli bonds friendships and aids the expression of feelings and emotions

Trustworthiness: Pink Chalcedony promotes a strong sense of empathy, inner peace and trust in a relationship. 

Chalcedony in general has always had trust attributed to it. Bowls were made from Chalcedony for sharing liquids as the stone was said to dissipate poison.

Chrysanthemum Stones are rocks with fossil flowers in them in the shape of Chrysanthemums - they are beautiful.  They help to bring security, stability and trust to a relationship. 

Our astrology adviser Hernestus also tells me that this week's moon is also a "SuperMoon" Solar Eclipse. This is a cosmic sign of rebirth and reinvigoration. With this in mind I would also recommend meditations using the following crystals at this time:

Chiastolite (or Cross Stone) - these amazing stones have a distinctive, naturally occurring, cross shape at their centre. They help in understanding the transition from your physical to non-physical state and birth and the same in reverse for rebirth.

Red Spinel - Sometimes found as crystals within a matrix of other crystals they aid energy renewal and rejuvenation.

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