Wednesday, February 11, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

TONIGHT's Perdition Moon of Antinous focuses on coping with loss.

Each of us must cope with this on a daily basis. Recently, a woman consulted me about the loss of a moonstone which had popped out of the setting of a finger ring. She couldn't find it anywhere. I advised her on what the moonstone may have been "telling" her and offered my advice on her replacement ring ... handmade in India with two sapphires!

But sometimes we are confronted with a serious loss, such as the loss of a job, or a home or a loved one. This is profound grief ... something which Hadrian faced when Antinous died.

I have searched my cabinets for the best crystal for meditations in time of grief ... and I always come back to:

FIRE OPAL - In April 2012 I had a catastrophic brain haemorrhage and nearly died. My world was turned upside down I was suddenly disabled.  I grieved deeply. 

The only crystal which helped was the one many experts advise for grief – Fire Opal. 

I carried a Fire Opal with me for over a year and held it during mediations in that period too. 

It helped my immensely – I felt my moments of grief released more readily yet the outcomes of each cry or moment of depression were somehow channeled into more positive thinking.

In Light and Love

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