Wednesday, February 11, 2015


TONIGHT's Scorpio Third Quarter Moon is the Lunar Phase in Antinous Moon Magic which we call the PERDITION MOON of coming to terms with loss and diminishment.

Each Lunar Phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Perdition Moon is the embodiment of grief and loss. It is the gnawing sense of resources dwindling and being reduced. Perdition is diminishment and slow collapse.

It embodies the feeling that all the walls have fallen down and there is nothing to lean on. It is the spirit of consummate grief and lamentation for a loss. It is also the embodiment of that loss. It is the griever and also the subject of grief...

It is symbolized by grief-stricken Emperor Hadrian cradling the limp form of his beloved Antinous after his body had been recovered from the Nile.

The Scorpio Third Quarter Moon is precisely this sort of dull ache and sense of emptiness and loss.

Meditations and rituals carried out during this Lunar Phase are best suited for seeking to come to terms with loss and finding areas in your life where you may unconsciously be causing yourself loss or sadness. 

This Lunar Phase is not about giving in to loss and grief, but rather it is about moving through them to find new ways towards growth and fulfillment.

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