Tuesday, January 27, 2015

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

LOVE is what the universe is all about. Love is the most important vibration that emitted from the divine source at the beginning of the Universe. Whatever God, Gods, Spirits, Angels, Saints, Martyrs etc that you worship, they channel love through you and you channel it back through them to the divine source. 

They are all conduits for this exchange of love. For us, of course, Antinous is that main conduit. 

For him the greatest symbol of Love, given physically to him by Hadrian, was an 'Adamantine' (diamond) spear head. 

It was that symbol of Love that Antinous used to display his most courageous act of Love in return. His Adamantine tipped spear killed the lion jumping to kill Hadrian.

We all hope to shoot our own metaphorical arrows/spears of desire into those things or people we love. Our loving thoughts reach out from us and connect whether we realise it or not. 

We are sometimes astonished when our objects of desire, friends, family members and even animals make it obvious to us that they know, and knew all along, that we love them. 

Don't be surprised. Love is an energy just as is hate, jealousy, indifference and murderous intent. 

Love however is the strongest of all emotions/energies, overrides all others and defeats negativity or evil. 

It is immensely powerful and positive and emits strong signals that we all pick up on whether we are aware of it or not.

At this time of year, therefore, and during this moon phase, it is so important to meditate on who or what you love. 

Crystals have strong energies too and can boost your love arrows as they emanate from your core. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly there are more crystals that can assist you with Love than any other energy/vibration/intention/thought process you may have. 

For this moon phase the obvious crystal is the strongest of them all and that which best reflects the light of Love brought to us from and to the Source - diamonds of course!

Diamonds - Are bringers of the purest Light and help us to focus on and receive Love in the form of relationships, commitment and fidelity. Meditations using diamonds are likely to be intense, revelatory and full of imagery.

They are, though, very expensive and I try to recommend crystals that are easily affordable from crystal shops or websites. 

So, there are other more accessible stones/crystals with Love as a key aspect of their characteristics. I list just a few...

Garnets - These inspire Love and devotion and can boost your sexual energies (which may or may not be useful in this moon phase?!!).

Larimar - These are one of the most recently discovered crystals - found in the Caribbean. They are a beautiful light blue or blue-green stone. They can help you to attract a soul-mate and even heal past life Love relationships that may have gone wrong.

Rose Quartz - Perhaps those crystal most readily associated with Love. They are the crystal of true and unconditional Love and can help you to attract it. 

Topaz - These help you to emanate Love. They bring you good health and good fortune which, obviously, makes it easier for you to be loving.

I hope you have a Love filled moon phase!

Love and Light

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