Friday, December 12, 2014


DON'T miss the amazing meteor shower this weekend! Wherever you live on this planet ... Go outside about 20:00 hours (8 p.m.) and look up to see the GEMINIDS ... meteors shooting out of the Constellation Gemini. 

The Geminid meteor shower appears every year about this time and is our best shooting star display, with more than 100 meteors appearing each hour. This year they reach their peak December 13/14.

Sadly, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere the winter weather makes viewing bad. But if you are lucky enough to live in the Southern Hemisphere, you have a perfect view on a clear summer night! 

This year's spectacle is especially good because it coincides with the Virgo Third Quarter Moon ... the AESCULAPIUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... the moon does not rise until midnight, so so there is no moonlight to interfere with the view in the evening.

The Geminids are especially easy to see because they appear during the evening. Most other meteor showers reach their most spectacular only after midnight.

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