Saturday, December 6, 2014

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

THE Catamitus Moon (Gemini Full Moon) signals where change will be occurring … or needs to occur … in your life during the coming year.

If you feel stuck in a rut, crystal meditations during this lunar phase help you to focus on bringing about change … in your living situation … your job and finances … and in your friendships.

I recommend these using these crystals: 

Chrysocolla: This beautiful green, blue and turquoise stone helps you to accept change with calmness. It also has an astonishing array of other physical and mental health improving qualities. It is one of my favourites and I have one permanently under my bed pillow!

Lapis Lazuli: These fabulous deep blue stones, flecked with gold, were highly prized by ancient European and middle eastern cultures but especially the Egyptians who incorporated them into stunning items such as Tutankhamun's death mask. They help to bond relationships - especially friendships - by helping you to express emotions. 

Citrine: These  yellow/gold crystals form in clusters, in caves, but are usually separated into single arrowhead-like 'points' to sell them. They are wonderful crystals for attracting wealth.  

Chinese Feng Shui practitioners suggest placing a Citrine in the 'wealth corner' of your home (the furthest back left point of your home) to bring wealth into your life. 

Meditation experts would suggest that you create a 'grid' of Citrines around you as you meditate. A grid is a set of crystals arranged in a regular pattern around you (circle, square, octagon etc.). 

Where the crystals have 'points' the points should be arranged so that they align with another point thus creating a matrix or grid pattern. Energy flows best along lines which is why this technique can be so powerful.

Emerald: Highly faceted emeralds can be expensive but 'rough' natural emeralds are much cheaper and more powerful. These beautiful green crystals are known as the crystal of 'successful love'.  

It also helps a group of people reach mutual understanding and cooperation so is also useful for the friendships element above. 

Love and Light twinkling from facets,

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