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Antinous Astrology Forecast

DECEMBER 18 to 28, 2014


On Thursday stubborn Capricorn Mercury may cause you to butt heads with others at the work place when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms tense aspects with aggressive Mars.


On Friday the work week ends on an industrious note when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD squares off against Jupiter and later aligns in conjunction with hard-working Saturn.


On Saturday your emotions get their knickers in a twist when love planet Venus forms a 90-degree square angle to impetuous Uranus before later aligning in conjunction with Pluto. This once-a-year Venus/Pluto rendezvous is always a time of transformation in matters of love and money. On the downside, it also produces feelings of jealousy, envy, possessiveness and greed.

SUNDAY/MONDAY DEC. 21/22, 2014

Overnight Sunday/Monday the Sun enters Capricorn for the December Solstice ... and within minutes old Sol aligns with ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD for the Solstice New Moon ... the Capricorn New Moon ... the lunar phase which in Antinous Moon Magic is called the LAMIA MOON of dark magic. Meditation and rituals conducted tonight are best suited for rooting out malaise and sickness and for diminishing evil sendings. Look for areas in your life where you may be detrimental to yourself, may be working against yourself or may be making yourself sick, perhaps literally so. Also on Monday Uranus ends the Retrograde phase it started last July 22 and begins going forward again, as seen from the Earth. As Uranus stands still and turns around, it encourages us to reflect upon the past five months to discern its action in our lives. Uranus is the great awakener, the cosmic alarm clock which shatters our cozy sleep to remind us there are places to go, people to meet, things to experience which can never be encounter if we stay where we are. When retrograde, those encounters occur within ourselves, with parts of our psyche we have failed to acknowledge or honour. Think about the changes that have occurred within you over the past five months ... as the changes now become external.


On Tuesday Saturn — the ruler of maturity, growth and challenges — leaves watery Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius, where it will stay for three years — until December 19, 2017. Saturn visits each zodiac sign every 28-30 years, so its arrival heralds a definitive two-to-three year period that reveals where our toughest lessons will be. Saturn’s last tour of Sagittarius was November 1985 until November 1988, so if you were born then, dial back through your personal history. You may see recurring themes, or issues that resurface. Saturn spotlights your "life's work," so stand tall and get cracking on the next round of this soul assignment.

Saturn and Sagittarius are strange bedfellows, because Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and expansion, while Saturn is all about restriction and harsh reality checks. But this blending of opposites could actually strike a healthy balance. Under Saturn’s measured approach, we may see the combustible global politics and uprising settle down again. Saturn can influence leaders, or leadership style, and with philosophical Sagittarius here, we may see some fascinating people rise through the ranks. Of course, as a brash fire-sign, Sagittarius can be rather dogmatic and outspoken, so we might also see a few grandstanding “armchair philosophers” who are more talk than action.

On the personal level, get ready to see major structures in your personal and/or professional life take on a whole, mature new shape. For the past two years, Scorpio Saturn was all about the little details, but now for the next three years you will find yourself focusing on the big picture as Saturn moves through Sagittarius.


On Wednesday there's no time for holiday sentimentality when serious-minded Capricorn Mercury aligns with Pluto and both are in a tight, 90-degree right angle to rebellious Aries Uranus. Tempers will flare and voices will be raised and tears will be shed. If you are planning to spend the Yuletide with blood relatives you can expect old resentments and old grudges to boil over into brand new rage issues. A "home alone" option might mean much less wear and tear on your emotions.


On Friday the Yuletide tensions begin to ease when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD leaves a stressful aspect to Saturn and forms more pleasant aspects to the Sun and dreamy Neptune. It is a good day for chilling — a bottle of champagne, preferably.


On Saturday the Capricorn Sun forms a dreamy sextile aspect to intuitive Neptune, inviting you to reflect introspectively about the old year and start dreaming about the new year. This is the perfect evening for oracle games, scrying, dream-scaping and fortune-telling.


On Sunday we come to the Aries First Quarter Moon, which is the Lunar Phase we call the INVICTUS MOON ,,, the Antinous Moon Magic spirit of Mithras ... because this lunar phase always occurs in December or January near the Solstice Birthday of Mithras ... Invictus is the bold light that shines forth from a gay man's eyes to illuminate those around him. It is the warmth of your every being ... It is the optimism which brightens a dismal day when things are going wrong. Invictus is indomitable, unbeatable, unconquerable ... It is a determined spirit which never admits defeat, never gives up, never quits ... Invictus is a beacon which dispels darkness and casts out shadows ... In Antinous Moon Magic, tonight is an ideal time for meditation and rituals aimed at illuminating opaque situations or questions ... It is well-suited for planning assertive, goal-oriented action aimed at whole-heartedly positive results.


Another exciting week lies ahead between December 29 and January 4 when when we come to the Cancer Full Moon It is the lunar phase we call the LUNUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic — the Moon of Moons! This is a Full Moon which brings out powerful emotions ... Because this Full Moon always occurs during December/January, it is emotional farewell to the old year and heart-felt welcoming of the new year ... You will shed sentimental tears for loved ones you have lost during the past year, not to mention a job or other things you may have lost ... The Lunus Moon is a propitious time for meditations and rituals delving into your emotional state of being, and also for intuitive or clairvoyant trances .... More details next time ....

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