Saturday, November 29, 2014

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

FOR tonight's CONSORTIUM MOON, which shines its moonbeams on interpersonal relationships, I would suggest:

1. Diamonds - obviously I hear you cry! But actually they create fearlessness, fortitude and the insight to see where problems lie so you can fix them - perfect for a lasting relationship with someone!

They are the perfect cleansers of your aura. Your aura is that energy which emanates from yourself, reflecting your current condition/mood. Some people can sense them - some can see them in waves of colour around you (I can do this if I really concentrate and blur my vision). If you are feeling negative, angry or stressed your aura will show or feel this. Diamonds can help you clear this. Again, perfect for a lasting relationship!

They are huge suppliers of energy (which one may need on a marriage night!). They also increase your metabolic rate and counteract poisons (which may be needed if your husband finds out you've been unfaithful!).

2. Sardonyx - These beautiful stones were much loved by the Romans for carving stunning cameos and other jewels - particularly those representing relationships.

The Roman sardonyx cameo (known as the Grand Camée de France) is a perfect example.

Sardonyx stones are perfect for this moon phase because they bring lasting happiness and stability to relationships.

They resensitize the sensory organs - which could also come in handy for the adventurous on that honeymoon!!!

They regulate fluids in the body and aid cell reproduction in blood.

Light and sparkling crystals,

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