Thursday, October 30, 2014

By Our Crystal Meditation Adviser Martin Campbell

FOR tonight's Concordia Moon, the Aquarius First Quarter Moon, the focus is clearly on reconciliation, the bringing of peace - and being thankful for it. A truly positive period for us all  - many of whom will be living with daily strife at work, pressure from family or facing homophobic verbal or violent abuse. 

While it may not be possible to seek peace face-to-face with some of those who oppress or hurt you there is always an opportunity to send love or forgiveness via focused meditation sending love or peace. 

You may not wish to give your enemies forgiveness or peace but you may need to look inwards - do you need to forgive yourself? Do you need to bring peace to yourself? 

Spiritual healing (through mediation or any method) brings not only healing to the person needing the treatment but also to yourself. 

You channel the healing through your mind, body and spirit to pass onwards to the person you intend to heal. 

In doing so you receive healing too. 

I am not a trained healer but I have been through processes of forgiveness for myself and others. They were very simple. You just hold an actual or imagined image of the person and speak, verbally or internally, to them. Send them love, send them forgiveness. 

I found it was like flicking a switch in my thoughts - it switched from hate and loathing to a process where I saw the oppressor as they truly were - a sad, lost soul striking out at things they didn't understand or want to understand. They became very small - even comical. 

It also gave me the strength to seek a resolution in whatever way - walking away, contacting the Police, contacting a lawyer, writing to or phoning the person, it could be anything that works.

Meditation can be hard when you are doing so alone. You may want to seek the company of another meditator - two or more people meditating on the same thing at the same time creates a bigger outward wave of goodwill, healing or forgiveness. 

I've meditated with 50 people and felt that power and unified love - it was astonishing. You may also want to use crystals to help create that vibration of peace, forgiveness and solution seeking. I would suggest using:


1. Beryl - it aids conscious thought process,inner peace and forgiveness. Beryls come in many colours - the pink ones are probably the most appropriate right now.

2. Pink Calcite - it releases fear and grief - especially in the past


Pink Agate - it helps you to see the bigger picture behind a dispute and seek solutions rather than dwelling on the situation.


Amber - it brings patience, flexibility and the ability to dissolve opposition in yourself and others. (Image at top of this entry.)

Love and Light

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