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Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 5 to 15, 2014


On Thursday we come to the Virgo First Quarter Moon. This is the Lunar Phase we call the MOON OF MELANCHOLY ... but don't worry ... it can be your "lucky" moon ... In English-speaking countries, "Melancholy" is almost a dirty word. Puritan upbringing has conditioned us to grin and bear it, to adopt a stiff-upper-lip attitude ... Other cultures are not so uptight about acknowledging this feeling of sadness. They realize it is a necessary part of life. It is what the French call "larmoyant" — a lovely word which suggests there is great beauty in sadness ... For example, crying at the movies is very beautiful and cleansing for the soul ... it is cathartic and healthy ... Meditations and rituals on this night are best suited for identifying the source of sadness in your life. If you find the source of sadness in your life, then this Lunar Phase provides you with the energy to effect changes which will move you out of melancholy into the next lunar phase.


You will say thank the God it's Friday when the Sun forms a liberating sextile with rebellious Uranus while ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in sextiles with Saturn and Jupiter. It all means it's time to break out of the routine and go out and hit the clubs Friday night.


On Saturday Mercury does an about-face and goes "backwards" as seen from Earth until July 1st. This RETROGRADE MERCURY phase is a time of confusion in communications and commerce. About three times each year, Mercury the communications wizard turns into Mercury the fast-talking con man. This is the RETROGRADE MERCURY phase, and it lasts about three weeks. So RETROGRADE MERCURY will be serving up glitches and snafus. If you are buying a new mobile phone, be sure to read the fine print about hidden costs. Planning to move into a new apartment? Check the kitchen and bathroom for tell-tale signs of mold before signing the lease. Remember over the next three weeks that MERCURY wants you to play his sly game to win — not to be a whining victim. Make him proud of the way you play his game!


On Sunday you can count on optimal conditions for a brunch or garden party when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in socially conducive aspects with Mars and the Sun as well as spicy aspects to Pluto, Uranus and over-eager Jupiter. It is a recipe for conviviality and over-indulgence.


On Monday Neptune does an about-face and goes Retrograde from now until November 16th. Retrograde Neptune in intuitive Pisces means there will be an atmosphere of nostalgia and yearning for a return to the "good old days" — which were not all that good to start with. The combination of Retrograde Neptune and the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON on Friday the 13th means that this week is possibly the best time of the year to get in touch with your elders — whether living or not. The stars are opening the portals between the worlds for you to contact your ancestral spirits, guardians, or past-life soul mates. On the mundane level, it's a good day to call your grandparents. You may be surprised at the Sagittarian wealth of advice they have to offer.


On Tuesday the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in opposition to Venus. Jealousy, envy and all sorts of loss-related fears abound.


On Wednesday there is good news and there is not so good news. The good news for those of you who live in the Americas is that optimism abounds when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a pleasant trine with lucky Jupiter. The not so good news is for those of you who live in the Eastern Hemisphere when the Moon goes VOID OF COURSE during office hours ... resulting in a carelessness and Jovial frivolity. Not that that is necessarily bad. It just means you may not get as much work done as you had hoped.


Overnight Thursday/Friday we come to a rare Friday the 13th Full Moon — there will not be a Full Moon on a Friday the 13th again until 2049. Amid several tense planetary aspects involving Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Venus (for starters), this is not the upbeat Full Moon we usually expect at this time of year. But it offers a ray of hope for you. This is the SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON — which we call the "DENARIUS MOON" because it focuses its light on treasures in your life. And because major planets such as Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and Neptune are Retrograde right now, this Full Moon is the best time of the year to use ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC to open your heart to ancestral spirits, , guardians, spirit guides or past-life soul mates. They have a "treasure" of experience which they will lovingly impart to you.


On Saturday you may want to avoid your annoying and picky neighbors because Mars and Pluto square off to encourage strife and argumentativeness. Avoid confrontation wherever possible.

SUNDAY JUNE 15, 2014

On Sunday the Mars/Pluto tensions are offset a tiny bit when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a nice trine with Venus to help you do some cocooning to close out the weekend.


Another exciting week lies ahead between June 16 and 22 when we come to the second Pisces Third Quarter Moon in succession, which makes the second one June 19th the ANTINOUS SUMMER BLUE MOON ... and it barely 36 hours before the June Solstice .... More details next time ....

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