Thursday, May 15, 2014

ASTRO FORECAST: MAY 15 — 25, 2014

Antinous Astrology Forecast

MAY 15 to 25, 2014


On Thursday you can start rehearsing how you plan to approach someone special when Mercury and Venus form a sexy sextile which provides you with the right words you need to conquer someone's heart.

FRIDAY MAY 16, 2014

On Friday love planet Venus has its annual rendezvous with impetuous Uranus. This is an ideal recipe for love and first glance. It is also a recipe for impulse consumption of food and beverages — and impulse buying. So you may want to watch not only your heart strings but also your purse strings.


On Saturday and Sunday a party atmosphere prevails when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in an effusive sextile with Neptune even as love goddess Venus squares off against exaggeration-prone. As Oscar Wilde (Saint of Antinous) famously said: "Nothing succeeds like excess!" And this weekend is a time for excess in food, drink and love-making.

MONDAY MAY 19, 2014

On Monday the work week gets off to a splendid start when the Taurus Sun forms a gentle sextile aspect with ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD before the Moon goes VOID OF COURSE during office hours ... resulting in a carefree and serendipitous atmosphere.

TUESDAY MAY 20, 2014

On Tuesday a logjam of sorts becomes unstuck when Mars ends the Retrograde phase it started on March 1 and goes Direct on May 20. The good news is that stubborn and very frustrating problems will now begin to move forward. The not so good news is that Mars is still dithering in Libra ... the Warrior God's "Sign of Detriment" ... Having Mars stuck in the sign of his detriment for eight months is no fun ... just look at the news headlines screaming about failed diplomatic peace efforts. Many otherwise sane people have completely lost sight of their sense of human commonality. It will be a relief when Mars enters Scorpio on July 25th.


After four weeks of grounding in Taurus, teen spirit catches hold on Wednesday as the Sun moves into the whimsical winds of Gemini. Our attention shifts from our money, possessions, attachments and stable routine to switching things up just for fun. Gemini adores variety, and there's a curious element to this sign that keeps us dabbling with the newest and trendiest version of the latest digital gadget. Gemini is all about the details, the words and the messages. It's the most mercurial sign in the zodiac and thus any inherent tendencies to flip-flop or seek various distractions are on the rise while the Sun is in the sign of the Twins.

Also note how everything has a way of arriving in pairs or doubles over the next few weeks. Even the glyph of Gemini looks the Roman numeral II. The dual nature of life is accentuated during this transit.

There is a light and fun energy that runs through Gemini that makes life both silly and mentally stimulating. We're more apt to seek new sources of learning and information, bury our brains in books, write letters and engage in brain puzzles to keep the synapses sharp. Depth and commitment are not high on the priority list at this time, so you may want to avoid backing anyone (or yourself) into a corner. We all want to feel as free as a butterfly, able to change our minds at whim. It's an excellent phase for reconnecting with your inner adolescent and free spirit.

Potential bummers to watch out for during the month of Gemini: gossip, duplicity, trickery, flakiness, Jeckyll-and-Hyde characters, bait-and-switch moves, used car salesman types, motor mouths and clever manipulation. Remember the Gemini is ruled by Mercury — god of thieves and con-men.


On Thursday we come to the Pisces Third Quarter Moon, which is what we call THE LOTUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. The LOTUS MOON means the next week will be a time of joyous anticipation of something big which is just beyond the horizon. It is perhaps the most spiritual of all the Lunar Phase Spirits because it knows that its wait will not be in vain. It is waiting for something it knows must and will come to pass. It is a perfect night for casting the Antinous Moon Magic "Lotus Moon Spell" to obtain your heart's desire.

FRIDAY MAY 23, 2014

On Friday misunderstandings foul up the end of the work week as ANTINOUS THE GAY GOD is at right angles to Mercury. Friday evening, however, looks fine as the Sun and Moon for a sexy sextile.


This is one of the most fortuitous weekends of the year 2014 when lucky Jupiter forms a beneficent trine aspect with incisive Scorpio Saturn. This is the weekend when perseverance and hard work pay off — it may also be the weekend when those lottery numbers you have been playing for years suddenly strike the jackpot.


Another exciting week lies ahead between May 26 and June 1 when we come to the Gemini New Moon — a good time to set a goal for the coming four weeks. And given the presence of Gemini energy, it's an auspicious time to begin gathering the information you will need to set this mission in motion. In Antinous Moon Magic we call the Gemini New Moon the "Mercury Moon of Antinous" because the mercurial and seemingly fickle energy of Gemini is in the spotlight during this New Moon period, amping up agitation and nervous energy .... More details next time ....

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