Wednesday, November 13, 2013


TONIGHT when the sun goes down, you will see Jupiter rising on the eastern horizon ... arching the sky during the night ... and setting at dawn ... the brightest "star" in the firmament and the only planet visible all night during November 2013.

While Jupiter may not turn the nighttime sky to day with its pure-white light, it still sends its pure-white beam of wisdom and enlightenment into your heart. 

Lucky Jupiter will be forming a powerful trine with the Sun and a highly beneficent sextile with Mars in coming days ... configurations which amplify Jupiter's energies. The image here shows Jupiter on the evening of November 21st, 2013.

In Classical Mythology, Jupiter/Zeus is notorious for seducing and even raping a multitude of mortals and demigods ... both male and female. 

The handsome youth Ganymede, shown here in this art photo by Pierre et Gilles, was carried aloft by Jupiter in the guise of an eagle to serve as his cupbearer in Olympus.

He fathered a number of children and, indeed, straight astrologers say that nights when Jupiter is shining bright in the sky are propitious for conceiving babies.

In gay astrology, we stress the deeper and more spiritual aspect of this "divine Jovian conception"to enable you to give birth to brilliant new ideas, dreams and inspiration which can grow into full-fledged brilliance in reality in the months to come.

Open your mind ... and your heart ... and permit Jupiter's pure-white light to cascade into you ... to impregnate you with inspiration ... so that you are carried aloft like a modern-day Ganymede ... chosen by the God.

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