Thursday, October 31, 2013

Astro Forecast: Oct. 30 — Nov. 11, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

OCT. 30 to NOV. 11, 2013


This will be a Halloween to remember ... but not for the good ... when Mars forms a trine with Pluto. Ordinarily, this is a relatively positive aspect which empowers you to delve into dark secrets and extract the truth. But coming amidst a Uranus/Pluto Square, Mars only manages to boost the power levels for unsavory purposes. It is as though your Halloween Ouija Board gets hooked up to an amplifier which enables it to reach into realms beyond Time and Space ... with no limiting control whatsoever.


The horrific Halloween configuration was just the beginning ... on Friday Uranus and Pluto renew their on-again, off-again square to through open the portals on hatred and enmity. The Earth will shake ... perhaps literally spawning quakes and tremors and tidal waves.


On Sunday tensions reach a new climax during a Solar Eclipse of ill omen which coincides with the SCORPIO NEW MOON. In Antinous Moon Magic this lunar phase is called the ZELUS MOON of fear, angst and anxiety ... and using Antinous Moon Magic to triumph over fear.


On Monday the work week gets off to a refreshingly low-key start after the tensions of last week and the tensions which will occur in coming days. Enjoy the lull as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD entertains a positive trine with lucky Jupiter.


On Tuesday Venus (love, sexual attraction, wealth) enters Capricorn (business, practicality, hard reality) for four months. The goddess of love will remain in Capricorn for such a long time because of its retrograde cycle, happening from December 21 to January 31. This will have us reviewing and renewing many of our relationship commitments and obligations in very tangible and concrete ways. Venus in Capricorn knows the laws of sexuality in any given culture, and is skilled at bending those laws to their benefit. Capricorn wants to be the boss of itself (and possibly you) and generally goes it alone, which is an interesting modus operandi for the planet that tells us about how we do partnership. This four-month trip through the sign of the Goat can teach us about boundaries within our unions. There's nothing sexier than someone who isn't desperate for our affections while still remaining open, transparent and available for intimacy and spontaneity. Venus in Capricorn can become a bit of a cautious ice queen if it starts to take itself, its work and its ambitions too seriously. Career can become the ultimate turn on, and social status the greatest romance when Capricorn gets out of balance. Venus in Capricorn can teach us how to be one of the most loyal and dedicated partners around.


On Wednesday the Sun makes its annual rendezvous with Saturn ... in Scorpio this year. This alignment casts a shadow over the whole week as Sun/Saturn hold a mirror up to each of us. Some people will recoil at what they see in the mirror. Those who live in a world of illusions will not like the reality of the face they see in the mirror. This Scorpio Sun/Saturn conjunction is sure to deflate a lot of egos. But if you are open to the truth, you will accept what you see in the mirror, worts and all ... and use the insights gained from this image to move forward productively.


On Thursday Jupiter stops and turns around and goes retrograde, or "backwards" as seen from the Earth, from now until March 6th, 2014. When Jupiter turns retrograde, the action of Jupiter is reversed so that the emphasis is upon inner awareness and inner growth. It is an excellent time to get in touch with personal integrity. Jupiter rules role playing in order evoke a positive external reaction. You will find yourself dealing with phoniness in both yourself and others. When Jupiter is retrograde, you should evaluate how you are not being honest with yourself because you are playing a role that is disloyal to your true self. When opportunities arise while Jupiter is retrograde, they are the result of seeds planted in the past from people met or connections made in the past.


Overnight Friday/Saturday the Sun and Moon are at right angles for the AQUARIUS FIRST QUARTER MOON which Antinous Moon Magic is called the CONCORDIA MOON of good will and good teamwork. This helps to ensure that you can count on good teamwork at work or at play during the coming week. This will be a good weekend for mending fences, making agreements or getting together with old friends.


On Sunday the bad news is that the Moon is in a square aspect to the Sun and Saturn, causing unnecessary annoyance. But the good news is that Mercury ends its three-week-long Retrograde phase and starts moving forward again. When you go to work on Monday you will find parcels and emails which had been in spam filter limbo for three weeks ... and you can sign contracts and make travel plans and major expenditures without having it all backfire on you.


Another exciting week lies ahead between November 11th and 17th when we come to the TAURUS FULL MOON. That is the lunar phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the HADRIAN's VILLA MOON. This is a way for Antinous the Gay God to help you find your spiritual home, the celestial palace you have made for yourself. This Moon is aimed at helping you focus and center your spiritual heart. More details next time ....

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