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MARK your calendar for horoscope history: Monday, July 29th 2013, features an incredibly rare aspect we call the Antinous Grand Hexagram ... a celestial alignment so rare that it occurs once in centuries.

It's essentially a six-pointed star, or hexagram, comprised of seven planets that form harmonious angles (trines and sextiles) to each other.

These synergistic seven are all in "feminine" (earth or water) signs, emphasizing stability, gentleness, love and harmony. Many astrologers view this as the moment our culture will take a step toward embracing "gay" principles. It is a paradigm shift away from traditional paternalistic "straight male" values.

Picture a world that values cooperation over competition, goodness over greed, and where gays, women and children are valued and treated as equal citizens.

It's a long-overdue energetic rebalancing that our culture is crying out for, not to mention our environment.

In many ways it is the realization of the ages-old Alchemical formula for planetary/elemental perfection symbolized by this ancient alchemical diagram.

Perhaps that's why gay astrologers have nicknamed this Grand Hexagram "the saving grace."

It's rare enough to have even one trine, or "lucky triangle," so experiencing two at once  is a real anomaly. One will be an earth trine involving Antinous the Moon God, Venus and Pluto. The other is a water trine that includes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This is the kind of moment that astrologers live for!

AND ... Monday is the night of the Taurus Third Quarter Moon — the MOON OF BROTHERS when we honor Lucius Aelius, who was like a brother to Antinous in the imperial court of Hadrian. Tonight is when we celebrate our gay brothers!

This aspect comes into play one week after the Full Moon of the Cosmic Moon, which is the last of 3 Super Moons in a row. The Super Moon is when the Full Moon falls on the day when the Moon is closest to the Earth.

The Moon moves into position to create a Grand Trine with Venus and Pluto which also completes a Grand Sextile around the planet Earth. The Grand Trine with Venus, Pluto and the Moon signifies the possibility of transformation (Pluto) through the power of beauty (Venus) and love (Super Moon).

The Antinous Grand Hexagram and Your Zodiac Sign

How will the Grand Sextile soften your sign's tougher tendencies? Here's how you can incorporate new energetic ease into your current way of being:

ARIES: Calm your hotheaded and impulsive behavior and pause before you react. Look before leaping.

Taurus: Shift from resisting change to thoughtfully considering a whole new outlook.

GEMINI: Transmute scattered energy into focusing on a couple key goals. Stay present. Breathe.

CANCER: Bypass your insecurity and take a chance. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

LEO: Look past the drama of the immediate situation and discover the greater plan.

VIRGO: Break out of "analysis paralysis" and perfectionism. Put yourself out there, even if you don't feel "ready."

LIBRA: Release the need for  approval. Make a decision, and be empowered by living with its consequences, good or bad.

SCORPIO: Lower your mask and let people see the man/woman behind the mystery.

SAGITTARIUS: Rather than bite off more than you can chew, practice committing fully to one dream at a time. Be where you are.

CAPRICORN: Live in the moment, rather than turning everything into a ten-year plan or worrying about the outcome.

AQUARIUS: Breathe through the awkwardness of intimacy and allow yourself to truly connect with people, one on one.

PISCES: Snap out of the illusion of victimhood. Click those ruby slippers. You had the power all along!

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