Thursday, July 4, 2013

Astro Forecast July 4-14, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JULY 4th to 14th, 2013

THURSDAY July 4th 2013

On Thursday rebellion is in the air when revolution-minded Uranus forms square angles to both the moody Cancer Sun and all-or-nothing-at-all Capricorn Pluto. This is a recipe for rioting in the streets on the global level ... or even wildfires, wind storms and earthquakes. On the personal level, this may be the week when your frustration finally boils over and you erupt into righteous rage ... you have been taken advantage of long enough. July 4th is, after all, Independence Day!

FRIDAY July 5th 2013

On Friday relief gallops to the rescue when Chiron the healer forms a beneficent trine aspect with the Cancer Sun. This obscure asteroid plays only a peripheral role in most daily astrology forecasts. But this strong aspect to the Sun means that Chiron becomes a major player. In Greek mythology, Chiron was one of the Titans, the greatest of the Centaurs. Chiron was the tutor to a great many gods and demigods, including Prometheus, Theseus, Achilles and Hercules, to name but a few. Astrologically, Chiron represents a person's healing energies and, indeed, the word for "surgery" in many European languages (chirurgie in French and German, cirugya in Spanish, chirugia in Italian and Portuguese) comes directly from the Ancient Greek words for "Chiron Hands" — a healer with the skilled hands of the Titan Chiron. The "special gifts" right now involve psychic healing.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY July 6th/7th 2013

The weekend is a pleasant mixture of energy and relaxation when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with energy-filled Mars on Saturday and then forms gentle aspects with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune on Sunday.

MONDAY July 8th 2013

On Monday the gentle and romantic CANCER NEW MOON soothes the tensions of recent days and weeks. In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this the ADONIS MOON. This is the best night of the year for rituals and meditations focusing on your partner — or how to find a partner — or just a good night for being with your partner. Also on Monday, Saturn ends its five-month Retrograde and turns Direct again. You will feel as though a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders — it is time to start moving forward with a long agenda of stalled projects in your life.

TUESDAY July 9th 2013

On Tuesday Retrograde Mercury "reverses" into conjunction with the Sun. Old astrology texts dating back to Ancient Rome call this a potentially hazardous time, and speak of a "Scorched Mercury" which impairs communications and judgment. But in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, we see that very differently. This Sun/Mercury conjunction is indeed intense, but in a positive way. Antinous/Mercury focuses the gay spiritual light of his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte right at you. Open your spiritual heart to the light and joy and permit it to burn away all doubt and all fear and trepidation. Most people live in spiritual darkness. They are like people who live in caves and are afraid of sunlight because it hurts their eyes. But should we shun the light and stay in the cave with them? Antinous/Mercury says it's safe to open your spiritual eyes — and spiritual heart — and become accustomed to the light.

WEDNESDAY July 10th 2013

On Wednesday love is in the air when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a sexy trine with impulsive Uranus and aligns with flirty Leo Venus. Go ahead — dare to ask that special person the special question you have been afraid to ask.

THURSDAY July 11th 2013

On Thursday you find wise ways to implement your creative energies when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a productive trine with Gemini Mars — Mars is on the verge of leaving intellectual Gemini, so take advantage of this opportunity.

FRIDAY July 12th 2013

On Friday you are busy as a bee wrapping up the workload on your desk before the weekend and the planets help speed you along when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects with jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. And if your mind begins to wander by the end of the day it is because the Moon is in a tense aspect to dream-filled Neptune.

SATURDAY July 13th 2013

On Saturday Mars leaves lively Gemini and plunges with a steamy hiss into the feminine waters of Cancer from now until the end of August. This "feminized" Cancer Mars may be a bit less overtly agressive — but passive agression is not all that pleasant either. Above all, grouchiness is abundant. You have been warned.

SUNDAY July 14th 2013

On Sunday everybody seems to be a crabby-pants old grouch as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD squares off against both Mars and Jupiter. Moon-square-Mars when Mars is in Cancer means lots of qvetching and complaining. And Moon-square-Jupiter is a recipe for over-indulgence in food and drink. Drunken arguments can result — so keep that in mind as you plan your Sunday brunch.


Another exciting week lies ahead between July 15th and 21st when we come to the nurturing LIBRA FIRST QUARTER MOON which we call the SABINA MOON in Antinous Moon Magic in honor of Empress Sabina Augusta, Emperor Hadrian's wife. This is also "snake goddess" moon of healing energy. More details next time ....

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