Thursday, June 6, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 6th to 16th, 2013

THURSDAY June 6th 2013

On Thursday you can catch your breath and take it easy because ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD makes no important aspects with any of the major planets. Re-charge your batteries because ....

FRIDAY June 7th 2013

On Friday, you may find that if you have been living in a dream world, it suddenly catches up with you when Neptune turns Retrograde from now until November. Nebulous and dreamy Pisces Neptune loves dreams and delusions. And when Neptune goes "backwards" (as seen from the Earth), those dreams evaporate so that you see clearly. The downside can be that you realize you have been deluding yourself. But the upside is that you may now clearly see how your dreams have brought you to a place where you can turn them into reality.

SATURDAY June 8th 2013

On Saturday, ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte to form the GEMINI NEW MOON. In Antinous Moon Magic we call this the MOON OF MERCURY. The Gemini New Moon emphasizes the "mercurial" areas of communications, vivacity, commerce and trade. This is the perfect party night because the Gemini New Moon loves festive friends and fetes.

SUNDAY June 9th 2013

On Sunday, ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with jubilant Jupiter in Gemini so that all the tensions and headaches of the previous week melt away like ice in the sunshine.

MONDAY June 10th 2013

On Monday, a roller-coaster week of thrills and spills gets off to a jerky start when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in nice aspects with Venus and Mercury, but in very tense aspects with Pluto and Uranus ... setting the up-and-down mood for the coming week ....

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY June 11th-12th 2013

On Tuesday and Wednesday, pouty Cancer Venus goes opposite grumpy Capricorn Pluto to create tensions in every sort of interpersonal relationship — riots in the streets on the global level — blistering arguments on the personal level. You know how it is when you are in a cafĂ© and see the middle-aged couple at the next table bickering and nagging about trivialities. They have been together so long that they see only the annoyances in each other and not the beauty they saw in each other when they first met. That is what Cancer Venus and Capricorn Pluto are causing worldwide.

THURSDAY June 13th 2013

On Thursday this roller-coaster week goes downhill fast when Venus forms a tight 90-degree right angle to Uranus — which creates highly volatile tensions in interpersonal relationships of all sorts. On the one hand, Cancer Venus longs for a shoulder to cry on, but on the other hand Venus-square-Uranus wants to slam the door in the face of anybody who gets too close. On the global level, this is a recipe for rash decisions which lead to political or financial chaos.

FRIDAY June 14th 2013

On Friday the immense tensions of this rollicking week subside just in time for the weekend when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms fortuitous trine aspects with the Sun and Jupiter. It is one of those Fridays when the mood just gets better and better during the course of the day until it's time to go home ... and party!

SATURDAY June 15th 2013

On Saturday you can look forward to finding really good bargains whenANTINOUS THE MOON GOD squares off against Mars but forms a positive trine with Capricorn Pluto. If there is a good deal to be found anywhere, you can count on digging it out and taking advantage of it.

SUNDAY June 16th 2013

On Sunday you can expect to feel wistfully nostalgic during the VIRGO FIRST QUARTER MOON which we call the MELANCHOLY MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. It is what the French call "larmoyance" — a lovely word which rolls off your tongue so languidly. It describes a lack of joy, a vague feeling that life is not what it should be. It is Peggy Lee singing that minor-key ballad "Is That All There Is?" This moon signals those areas of your life where things are not going well and you have a right to sing the blues. But it also signals those moments when we wallow in self-sorrow and almost enjoy brow-beatingaourselves — for no good reason. Don't suppress this sadness, but don't wallow in it. Instead, savor it for a moment and discern what your gay spiritual heart is trying to tell you.


Another exciting week lies ahead between June 17th and 23rd when the Sun aligns in conjunction with lucky Gemini Jupiter during the Solstice ... you can't get more fortuitous than this. More details next time ....

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