Thursday, June 20, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 20th to 30th, 2013

THURSDAY June 20th 2013

On Thursday the hours fly by in a flash when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects with Pluto, Venus and Mercury in a very pleasant countdown to the June Solstice ....

FRIDAY June 21st 2013

The Solstice occurs at just about 6 a.m. British time — a special treat for the sunrise throngs at Stonehenge — and Mercury aligns with Venus in conjunction for an extra special Solstice celebration which brings heart and mind together.

SATURDAY June 22nd 2013

On Saturday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes into bitter opposition to angry Mars and meanwhile forms a tricky trine with Uranus. This promises to be a weekend when lots of hectic activity seems to result only in frustration and delays. But the appearances are deceiving — you will find in retrospect that this weekend turned out to produce results in the long run.

SUNDAY June 23rd 2013

The Capricorn Full Moon on Sunday is the lunar cycle we call the TOWER MOON in memory of the observatory tower which Emperor Hadrian built at his Villa to study the stars. This is the dream moon for reaching for the stars ... seeking job promotions ... stretching on tiptoes to grasp something previously unattainable.

MONDAY June 24th 2013

On Monday you start the work week as nervous as a virgin at the prison rodeo when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in tense aspects to both rebellion-minded Uranus and pouty Cancer Mercury. Just remember to keep your humor when unexpected mini-crises arise.

TUESDAY June 25th 2013

On Tuesday Jupiter leaves fickle Gemini and dives into romantic Cancer for the coming 12 and a half months. Cancer Jupiter ushers in a time of intense emotions with lots of tears ... tears of sadness ... tears of joy. On the positive side, Cancer Jupiter offers a once-in-12-years opportunity to dive off the high board of rationality into the emotional depths of your soul. Think of it like oceanography — all we know of the sea is what we can see from the surface and by diving. Think of Cancer Jupiter as a fantastical steampunk submarine which can introduce you to wonders deep within your soul that you never knew existed — safely and securely — and bring you back safe and sound with new-found insights into yourself.

WEDNESDAY June 26th 2013

On Wednesday Mercury does an about-face and goes "backwards" as seen from Earth for three weeks — from now until July 20th. The rule of thumb with RETROGRADE MERCURYis that the coming three weeks is definitely NOT a good time to sign contracts, make major new expenditures or make big new commitments. A new car bought during Retrograde Mercury will turn out to be a "lemon." However ... the rule does not apply to plans that were made prior to Mercury's about-face. If you ordered the car beforehand and had to wait until now for delivery — it will be fine. If you were offered a job beforehand but paperwork held up the contract-signing until now — you can sign on the dotted line without qualms. A Retrograde Mercury period is also a good time to re-work, re-edit, re-do, re-hash, re-finance and re-decorate — any "re-" operation involving going back and polishing up something which needed attention.

THURSDAY June 27th 2013

On Thursday your intuition goes into hyper-drive when the sensitive Cancer Sun forms a beneficent Grand Trine aspect with incisive Scorpio Saturn and dreamy Pisces Neptune — all three in Water Signs underscoring intuition and emotional insight. This powerful Grand Trine will cast a pastel glow over the coming days ... permitting you to visualize ways to make your dreams become reality.

FRIDAY June 28th 2013

On Friday you wake up ready to take on the world after Venus leaves mopey Cancer and enters ambitious Leo overnight. Leo Venus enables you to be more assertive and upbeat in your relationships during the coming month. Leo Venus loves flashing money, love and talents around with gay abandon. Watch your credit card limit.

SATURDAY June 29th 2013

On Saturday a party atmosphere prevails when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a generous trine with show-stealer Leo Vanus and forms a square aspect with sexy Scorpio Jupiter. This is a recipe for excess up to and including fetishism. Just saying ....

SUNDAY June 30th 2013

On Sunday your head will be throbbing ... not only because of Saturday's partying ... but also because ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in perfect alignment with impulsive Uranus and in tense aspects to the Sun and Pluto. Restraint is the by-word for Sunday. Hold your tongue and avoid unnecessary aggravation which leads to even bigger headaches.


Another exciting week lies ahead between July 1st and 70th when the Sun, Pluto and Uranus form a drama-filled "T-Square" aspect which can only spell trouble ... particularly during Retrograde Mercury. More details next time ....

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