Thursday, May 16, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

May 16th to 26th, 2013

THURSDAY May 16th 2013

On Thursday the mood lightens abruptly when Mercury leaves stick-in-the-mud Taurus and wings his way into his home sign of Gemini ... where the Messenger God will enhance communications, business transactions and travel plans. However, Mercury will only be in Gemini for two weeks before moving on to pouty Cancer ... so enjoy it while you can.

FRIDAY May 17th 2013

Friday night the moon squares off against the Sun for the LEO FIRST QUARTER lunar phase which we call the SCARAB MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. The Spirit of the Scarab Moon is the element of surprise and serendipity. It is the Spirit of adventure which whispers into your ear: Go ahead! You can do it! It is the Spirit of boundless enthusiasm and optimism. This Lunar Spirit holds the key which unlocks every door. It is the Spirit that guarantees happy endings. It points out good things which are coming your way definitely and for sure!

SATURDAY May 18th 2013

On Saturday beware of fast-talking sales people when Gemini Venus and impulsive Aries Uranus join forces to shmooze you into doing something rash. Your cognitive cabilities may not be up to par because Mercury is at right angles to foggy-minded Neptune. On the other hand, this could be a great weekend ... if you are the one doing the fast-talk shmoozing.

SUNDAY May 19th 2013

On Sunday the weekend ends on a cool and sober note when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a trine to no-nonsense Pluto and squares off against Gemini Venus. The Moon/Venus aspect suggests you should be on guard for the green-eyed monster of jealousy. Don't take every glance and whisper so seriously.

MONDAY May 20th 2013

On Monday the Sun leaves stodgy Taurus and charges into Gemini ... for four weeks of restlessness and multitasking. Mercury, Venus and fortuitous Jupiter are already in Gemini, enhancing communications skills, business endeavors and travel.

TUESDAY May 21st 2013

On Tuesday batten down the hatches as Uranus squares off against Pluto for another tense couple of weeks. These two outer solar system giants have been slowly moving into and out of a 90-degree square angle to each other for many months, causing upheavals politically, financially and even physically ... the devastating Japanese tsunami and nuclear power plant meltdown occurred during a Uranus/Pluto square. Tensions eased for a while as the two planets moved apart — but they are back in a tight square again now — ushering in a Uranus-square-Pluto era reminiscent of the mid-'60s when structures were shaken to the ground -- Fukushima was only the beginning!

WEDNESDAY May 22nd 2013

On Wednesday the Earth rumbles and the global political/economic system takes a beating as Uranus and Pluto square off against each other ... and even a normally fortuitous trine between ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD and lucky Jupiter are not enough to ease tensions much. Remember the rule-of-thumb in earthquakes: rigid structures collapse ... flexible structures bend and sway ... but stay upright.

THURSDAY May 23rd 2013

On Thursday you get a brief respite from the tensions of this uneasy astrological week's Uranus/Pluto square aspect when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a few soothing aspects with Neptune, Saturn and Pluto.

FRIDAY May 24th 2013

On Friday the work week ends on a rather contentious note when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in opposition to stubborn Taurus Mars — arguments abound and there could be tears.

SATURDAY May 25th 2013

Overnight Friday/Saturday the Gemini Sun goes opposite ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD for the Sagittarius Full Moon which is also a Lunar Eclipse. This could be your lucky lottery day since the Sagittarius Full Moon is the lunar phase we call the DENARIUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. This Lunar Eclipse will be visible over the Americas and Africa, where it will be most intense.

SUNDAY May 26th 2013

On Sunday you may find it hard to focus when the Gemini Sun is at right angles to foggy Pisces Neptune. You may be more gullible and easily fooled than usual ... wishful thinking prevails over rational thought.


Another exciting week lies ahead between May 27th and June 2nd when Mercury abruptly exits its home base in Gemini after only two weeks there (half the usual stint) and limps into pouty Cancer, where rational Mercury does not feel particularly comfortable. More details next time ....

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