Thursday, March 28, 2013

Antinous Astrology Forecast

March 28th to April 7th, 2013

THURSDAY March 28th 2013

On Thursday love is in the air when the hot and horny Aries Sun aligns in conjunction with Aries Venus. Meanwhile, a trine between Mercury and Saturn facilitates communication of details. Aries Venus/Sun guarantee that these details will be rather steamy.

FRIDAY March 29th 2013

On Friday the work week ends with a bang when the Sun and Venus sidle arm-in-arm up to Uranus. All three of these planets aligned in conjunction in impetuous Aries means that surprises could be in store. Most likely they will be unpleasant surprises which ultimately turn out to be positive in nature. That's because Mercury is at right angles to over-eager Jupiter but in a positive sextile to longterm thinker Pluto.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY March 30th/31st 2013

This weekend, which coincides with Easter, is suitable for social gatherings thanks to a positive sextile aspect between Venus and Jupiter — with Jupiter encouraging over-indulgence in the nicer things of life that Venus loves so much. However, a 90-degree right-angle square between Venus and Pluto means you should not force relationship issues on others who just want to kick back and relax.

MONDAY April 1st 2013

The work week gets off to a stormy start when revolution-minded Pluto squares off to the Sun on Monday — and Pluto will spend the rest of the week forming square aspects to Venus, Uranus and Mars — a classic textbook set-up for war and revolution. On the personal level, keep a cool head and focus these immense energies on ways to break up logjams in your own life.

TUESDAY April 2nd 2013

Overnight Tuesday/Wednesday the Sun and Moon square off for the Capricorn First Quarter Moon, a Lunar Phase we call the HADRIAN'S WALL MOON of stubborn intransigence and immovable barriers. This is the day to use the powerful energies unleashed by the Sun and Pluto square aspect to overcome barriers and hindrances in your own life.

WEDNESDAY April 3rd 2013

On Wednesday the blockages caused by the HADRIAN'S WALL MOON rapidly disintegrate as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms a dreamy sextile aspect to Neptune. Close your eyes and visualize ways to overcome or get around obstacles in your life. Then open your eyes and use the energies of a Moon/Mercury sextile aspect to put those visualized ideas into effect.

THURSDAY April 4th 2013

On Thursday you find inventive and highly clever solutions to daily problems when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD enters cognitively-enhanced Aquarius to round out this somewhat awkward work week on a productive note Thursday and Friday.

FRIDAY April 5th 2013

On Friday you'll be itching to leave work and go out and over-indulge in party fun when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a festive trine with joyous Jupiter. Go ahead ... it's Friday night, date night.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY April 6th/7th 2013

This weekend will surely be remembered as the hottest and sexiest weekend of 2013 ... when Mars and Venus align in perfect conjunction all weekend long — an alignment which occurs only every two years or so. And the fact that this Venus/Mars union is occurring in the fiery sign of Aries makes it all the more special. Aries is about new beginnings, springtime frolicking, sowing wild oats and taking risks. So don't be surprised if you lock eyes with someone across a crowded dance floor — and it is like teenage puppy love all over again ... regardless of your age.


Another exciting week lies ahead between April 8th 14th when Pluto changes directions and sends tremors through the economic and political world — and when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte the ARIES NEW MOON which we call the FASCES MOON. The Aries New Moon is the moon of abrupt beginnings which may not be followed through, and of things said which are later regretted, of capricious actions -- shoot first, ask questions later. More details next time ....

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