Thursday, November 8, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

NOVEMBER 8 to 18, 2012

THURSDAY November 8th 2012

On Thursday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD squares off against RETROGRADE MERCURY to aggravate the gremlins in your computer and in the motor of your car. The strangest little problems will crop up. You "lose" an important computer file (which turns up where it should not be). You lock yourself out of your home. An important parcel or letter fails to arrive on time. Travel plans get postponed or detoured. Don't panic! Retrograde Mercury is impish but he is not cruel — he just wants you to use your grey cells. Antinous-Mercury loves to play games and it's no fun if people hide under the table and are afraid to play. He wants you to play and he wants you to win the game — but you have to be a bit of a trickster like him to play it well.

FRIDAY November 9th 2012

On Friday we come to Station 8 of the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY. Venus forms a trine with lucky Jupiter during the Leo Third Quarter Moon, the lunar phase we call the BACCHANALIA MOON. This is the moon of Dionysiac excess. The stars in this celestial station of your spiritual pathway are telling you that this is your chance to act. Throw caution to the winds. Don't be shy. You have seen what needs to be done. You have taken steps towards changing your life. You have found your spiritual center. Now it is time to seize the opportunities which lie in front of you.

SATURDAY November 10th 2012

On Saturday you can brace for annoying little problems around the house when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD and RETROGRADE MERCURY are in tense aspects to impulsive Uranus and upheaval-minded Pluto. Don't lose your temper ... remember that it will soon be Sunday ....

SUNDAY November 11th 2012

On Sunday you'll be glad you kept your cool on Saturday when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms pleasing aspects to joyful Jupiter and loving Venus. In addition, Neptune turns around and starts going forward again since having gone Retrograde last June 4th. Retrograde Neptune in intuitive Pisces meant there was an atmosphere of nostalgia and yearning for the good old days — which weren't all that good, to be perfectly honest. Now that Neptune is moving forward, our thoughts and dreams will move forward. The confusion of the US presidential election will dissipate — and we can begin to look forward ....

MONDAY November 12th 2012

On Monday the work week begins merrily despite occasional communications glitches caused RETROGRADE MERCURY. Don't let the little delays and snafus spoil your mood because something special is coming up tomorrow ....

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY November 13th/14th 2012

On Tuesday/Wednesday we come to Station 9, the final station of the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY. A very powerful and mysterious Solar Eclipse begins on November 14th in the Eastern Hemisphere and ends on November 13th in the Western Hemisphere — yes, that's right, it technically ends a day before it begins. That's because the path of the eclipse crosses the International Date Line in the South Pacific, reverting back 24 hours. It will be visible from Australia to Chile. Aren't Eclipses generally bad omens? No, not this one! This is the Scorpio New Moon. It is the lunar phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the ZELUS MOON of triumph over fear. You have completed your Sacred Nights of Antinous Pathway to the Dark Sun of Fortuna. During this celestial pilgrimage, Antinous the mortal boy has died and has become Antinous the Gay God. If you have followed the counsel of the stars, you have undertaking bold changes in your life and are focused and centered and ready to go forth into a new dawn.

THURSDAY November 15th 2012

On Thursday we move forward from the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY with renewed energy and optimism as ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in opposition to jubilant Jupiter and in a nice sextile with Venus. The atmosphere is easy and upbeat and you find yourself quickly excited about taking on new projects.

FRIDAY November 16th 2012

On Friday you can count on clearing your desktop of all unfinished business when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects to Mars, Neptune and Saturn. But expect a surprise before closing up shop for the weekend because the Moon squares off against impulsive Uranus later in the day.

SATURDAY November 17th 2012

On Saturday Mercury aligns in conjunction with the Sun. Old astrology texts dating back to Ancient Rome call this a potentially hazardous time, and speak of a "Scorched Mercury" which impairs communications and judgment. But in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, we see that very differently. This Sun/Mercury conjunction is indeed intense, but in a positive way. Antinous/Mercury focuses the gay spiritual light of his heavenly father Ra-Herakhte right at you. Open your spiritual heart to the light and joy and permit it to burn away all doubt and all fear and trepidation. Most people live in spiritual darkness. They are like people who live in caves and are afraid of sunlight because it hurts their eyes. But should we shun the light and stay in the cave with them? Antinous/Mercury says it's safe to open your spiritual eyes — and spiritual heart — and become accustomed to the light.

SUNDAY November 18th 2012

On Sunday you can expect a surprise visitor or two when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD forms positive aspects with the Sun and Uranus. It may be an older person because Saturn forms a square angle to the Moon later on Sunday.


Another exciting week lies ahead between November 19th and 26th when the Sun enters upbeat Sagittarius and Venus dives into steamy Scorpio just in time for Thanksgiving in the US. More details next time ....

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