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ON October 15th we come to Station 4 of the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY TO THE DARK SUN OF FORTUNE which started September 29th which and continues until the extraordinary Solar Eclipse of November 13/14.

In Stations 1 and 2 you saw what needs to change in your life and you received the energy you need to heal your interpersonal relationships. At Station 3, you got an injection of determination and courage to rid yourself of unnecessary fears which have been holding you back.

Now, at Station 4, Courageous Mars forms a trine with impetuous Uranus during the Libra New Moon, the lunar phase we call the TRIPOD MOON of finding balance in relationships.

This decision-making moon teams up with the courage of Mars and bold action of Uranus to enable you to make a courageous decision for the future.

This may be a brilliant idea that could change your life and your fortunes. But it could also be a decision to set off on a bold new unexplored pathway which frees you from the fetters of the past.

So often we do things which are wrong for us, we stay in relationships which we know are bad for us. But we do it because we think that is what is expected of us. We do it because we owe it to our partner, our co-workers, our friends or our family.

We set ourselves up to be a doormat for others ... usually without their knowledge or complicitly. They aren't manipulating us. We are setting ourselves up to be failures, we are erectiing barriers in our own paths.

If you were born under the sun sign of CANCER you probably have a tendency to sacrifice yourself and subjugate your needs for others. You deny them the opportunity to take part in caring and sharing. You needlessly sacrifice yourself for fake friends and unloving partners.

If you a CAPRICORN you may tend to take on sole responsibility for your partner, your friends, family and even your co-workers. You work yourself to death for them without giving them the chance to share your burden. In fact, they resent you for taking charge.

Poor PISCES swims with the other fish, even into the jaws of the shark since it is easier just to dream and go with the current than to make hard decisions and swim in your own direction.

But no more!

If you are an ARIES, Station 4 provides you with the energy to go up to your repressive boss (see Capricorn above) and tell him you're quitting to take a job elsewhere where you may earn less but you have more opportunities for advancement.

If you are SAGITTARIUS, you will welcome Station 4's impetus to enable you to launch off into an exciting new path.

It's the same with LEO, who only needs a little nudge to make a major breakthrough.

AQUARIUS and GEMINI have been thinking about this decision for some time. Now both of these "thinker signs" will perceive the opportunity for decisive action they have been waiting for.

Even usually indecisive LIBRA will get off the fence and make a decision to discard unnecessary emotional baggage.

If you are a TAURUS, you tend to get comfortably stuck in habits, even bad habits and bad situations. At least you know your comfy old bad habits and bad relationships. You have been reluctant to discard them. But now Mars and Uranus are forcing you to consider how much more comfortable you could be if you would just take one step in a new direction.

VIRGO has the biggest difficulty of all the signs because Virgoans worry and feel inadequate at the best of times, making them ideal doormats for others. Listen to what Antinous the Moon God is whispering into your ear: "Your first duty is to your own Gay Spiritual Heart."

If you were born under the sign of SCORPIO you have been muttering and grumbling for the longest time about how your life is a lie. The Cosmic Antinoian Energies of October 15th cast a bright light on all those deceits around you. And being a Scorpio, you will know exactly how to wield that stinger of yours to put things right so you can find your true pathway.

This Day of Courageous Decision-Making is not necessarily easy. It is never easy to say good-bye to habitual thought patterns and relationships.

But this is a great opportunity to set your feet on the Sacred Nights Pathway to yourself.

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