Sunday, October 7, 2012



MARS has lefts the murky depths of Scorpio and is soaring into the lofty heights of Sagittarius. The Sun is moving into a generous trine with jovial Jupiter even as the Cancer Third Quarter Moon signals the edgy DISCORDIA MOON of discontent with things as they have been.

On October 8th we come to Station 3 of the PATHWAY TO THE DARK SUN OF FORTUNE which started September 29th which and continues until the extraordinary Solar Eclipse of November 13/14.

In Stations 1 and 2 you saw what needs to change in your life and you received the energy you need to heal your interpersonal relationships. Now, at Station 3, you get an injection of determination and courage to rid yourself of unnecessary fears which have been holding you back.

All star signs are affected, but if you are a GEMINI you will especially notice this Mars/Jovian energy boost which makes you realize just how absurd your fears about money have been.

And if you are SAGITTARIUS, you will feel as if you are coming home to your jovial old self when Mars moves into your Sun Sign and, during the course of the next six weeks, crosses your Natal Sun for extra empowerment.

Even LIBRA feels less uncertain and insecure about how he or she comes across to others. This celestial configuration gives Librans a rare chance to express their true selves without hesitation.

Of course this configuration causes ARIES to brim with dynamic determination. Your boss finally recognizes what a treasure you are.

If you are a LEO, this is a special day of the year for you which embues you with trust in your partner. Oftentimes Leo is afraid to trust others. But this is the day to let down your guard.

And for AQUARIUS, Station 3 offers the opportunity for you to go forth with all those grandiose ideas you have been dreaming about, but were a bit afraid to put into action.

TAURUS is able to overcome superfluous fears about material matters such livelihood and paying the rent. Instead of that sense of dread that has been keeping you awake nights, you suddenly get a clear idea of practical steps you can take to boost security.

CANCER will also be able to shake off fears about home and hearth and see the situation more clearly so as to move forward confidently.

VIRGO is the zodiac's worrywort anyway, but this celestial configuration gives insights into who your true friends are and who will be there to back you up when the showdown comes.

As a SCORPIO, you are now able to rid yourself of old grudges and dark feelings which have been holding you back. You have deeper insights into the inner workings of the world than the other star signs have. And this configuration makes your clairvoyant dreams even more insightful than usual.

If you are a CAPRICORN you can be in store for a major change, but only if you are willing to open yourself to the feelings which others offer you. You may be truly surprised to encounter help from people you had never thought were on your side.

PISCES develops a whole new trust in life itself after recent weeks of disillusionment and disappointment. 

For all star signs, the new feeling of self-confidence which comes from this celestial configuration involving Sagittarius Mars, the Sun/Jupiter Trine and the Discordia Moon are a brilliant opportunity to nurture healthy self-love, which is one of the most important goals of this spiritual pathway.

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