Wednesday, October 3, 2012



VENUS enters Virgo and forms a healing aspect to Saturn today as we come to Station 2 of the PATHWAY TO THE DARK SUN OF FORTUNE which started last week and continues until the extraordinary Solar Eclipse of November 13/14.

In Station 1 last week we saw what needs to be changed in your life. Now, at Station 2, you receive energy to help you heal your love in the interpersonal relationships in your life. These can be relationships of an intimate nature or also relationships with acquaintances and co-workers.

Virgo Venus is tired of flirting and non-commitment. Virgo Venus gives you the healing energy you need to make your interpersonal relationships work in a more positive way for you than they have in the past. This energy envelops you in self-confidence concerning your relationships. You will need this loving shield as we progress through the remaining seven stations of this life-changing pathway.

Station 2 arms you with a new commitment to interpersonal relationships, a bold new determination to persevere and make headway so that your relationships are not one-sided, but rather are truly interdependent and sharing relationships.

For ARIES individuals, this energy complements your Sun Sign. The only thing to learn here is that you don't have to do everything yourself. Be willing to share responsibilities in your relationships.

For TAURUS born people, sharing comes easy but you must avoid being stubborn and stuck in a rut. Be willing to try new things in your relationships.

For GEMINI the lesson here is to focus on your relationships one at a time. Try not to scatter your thoughts and ideas. Focus and listen to what your partner has to tell you.

CANCER comes und extra pressure from Saturn right now to heed the lessons of your relationships without becoming sulky and despondent. When you ask for constructive criticism about your relationship, don't then take it personally and feel insulted.

LEO needs these healing Saturn/Venus energies in order to listen more closely to others rather than thinking of all relationships as being about yourself.

For VIRGO individuals this is a perfect configuration. Venus will be aligning with your natal sun in the next six weeks and Saturn is in a good aspect to your sun. Just be your loving and caring self. And avoid the Virgoan tendency to worry and feel inadequate.

If you are LIBRA you can expect these cosmic energies to help you to be more honest with yourself about your relationships. Librans are so skilled at diplomacy that they often deceive themselves into believing the little white lies they tell about their relationships. This is a good time to take a hard look at the truth.

SCORPIO can expect a re-birth of love, a regeneration of a relationship which has been dead or dying for a long time. Station 2 gives you the right words to make a new start.

SAGITTARIUS needs the energies of Station 2 to open up about relationship feelings. This is hard for Sagittarians right now. These energies are vitally needed.

For CAPRICORN the Venus/Saturn energies serve as a key to help you open up and finally express your feelings in your relationships.

For AQUARIUS the lesson here is to let others close to you. Virgo Venus and your old friend Saturn (formerly ruler of Aquarius) will help you to let others inside the barriers you have constructed around yourself. You think you don't need others. But you need them very badly. Deep down inside you know you do. Let them in!

This is the finest hour for PISCES individuals who have no problem loving others but who sometimes allow others to walk all over them and hurt them. Venus and Saturn are giving you the strength to express your needs to others so that you are not a doormat, so that you get the respect you deserve. 

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