Thursday, October 25, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

OCT 25 to NOV 4, 2012

THURSDAY October 25th 2012

On Thursday you find that last weekend's MERCHANT MOON is waxing not only in moonlight but also in influence on your career opportunities. On Thursday the intuitive Pisces Moon forms a generous sextile to Capricorn Pluto to show you who or what is blocking you in your job and career. Who are what is giving you money? Who or what is robbing you of money?

FRIDAY October 26th 2012

On Friday this remarkable career-oriented week which started with last weekend's MERCHANT MOON culminates in a Moon/Mercury trine which enables you to sniff out job opportunities which other, less sensitized people may miss out on. Don't be surprised when an old friend shows up with an offer you cannot refuse.

SATURDAY October 27th 2012

On Saturday ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns in conjunction with Uranus and squares off with Pluto to herald a power-filled weekend. You may need to burn off excess energy with a workout or sports.

SUNDAY October 28th 2012

On Sunday we come to Station 6 of the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY. This year the November 28th anniversary of the Death of Antinous coincides almost exactly with the Taurus Full Moon. That is the lunar phase which, in Antinous Moon Magic, is called the HADRIAN's VILLA MOON. This is a way for Antinous the Gay God to help you find your spiritual home, the celestial palace you have made for yourself. This station on the pathway is aimed at helping you focus and center your spiritual heart. It is also wise to make sure you set your clock back one hour to Standard Time, if you live outside North America. (Americans do the time switch on November 4th.)

MONDAY October 29th 2012

You awake Monday to find that both Mercury and Venus have changed signs. Venus has left stodgy Virgo and enters stylish Libra — get ready for a style makeover! Also, Mercury leaves suspicious-minded Scorpio and enters adventurous Sagittarius. Mercury will dawdle in Sagittarius from now until New Year's Eve because it goes Retrograde for three weeks in November, even slipping backwards into Scorpio for a time. Sadge Mercury is a time of upbeat optimism and idealism on the one hand. On the other hand, however, Sadge Mercury can be naive and careless with details. The confusion starts on Monday when Sagittarius Mercury is in a fuzzy trine to foggy-minded Neptune.

TUESDAY October 30th 2012

On Tuesday we come to Station 7 of the SACRED NIGHTS PATHWAY. The Sun forms a powerful sextile to Pluto on October 30th, which is FOUNDATION DAY in the Religion of Antinous. This is the day that the SACRED CITY OF ANTINOOPOLIS was founded by Hadrian at the location in Egypt where Antinous died. This celestial configuration helps you clear away rubble and debris to make a new foundation for the future.

WEDNESDAY October 31st 2012

On Wednesday the placid Taurus Moon squares off against foggy Neptune and goes opposite to Sagittarius Mercury to slow down the pace considerably. This is a good day to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life.

THURSDAY November 1st 2012

On Thursday relationship issues top the agenda when Venus is in opposition to unpredictable Uranus. ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a trine to Uranus, stepping up the "freedom urge" in interpersonal relationships.

FRIDAY November 2nd 2012

On Friday the work week ends on a gossipy note when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns in conjunction with exaggeration-prone Jupiter in convivial Gemini.

SATURDAY November 3rd 2012

On Saturday the weekend gets off to an emotional start when Venus and Pluto are at right angles. You feel as if you are on an emotional roller-coaster ride which veers from over-sentimentality to total annoyance. Try to avoid drawing hasty conclusions from other people's outbursts.

SUNDAY November 4th 2012

On Sunday your emotions are on an even keel and harmony prevails when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a generous trine to the Scorpio Sun. You may not feel like leaving your cozy nest all day. If you live in North America, enjoy the extra hour's sleep due to the switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time. (The rest of us made that switch October 28th.)


Another exciting week lies ahead between November 5th and 11th when Mercury goes Retrograde on the day of the US presidential election — an indication that a major snafu could occur in ballot counting and relaying vote tallies. We could see a repeat of the vote-counting confusion that occurred during the 2000 election — when Retrograde Mercury caused a reversal of results so that the declared winner Al Gore eventually lost to George W. Bush. More details next time ....

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