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MARS will be "eclipsed" by the Moon on Wednesday, meaning the face of ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD will pass in front of and totally block out the Warrior God for a few minutes. 

If you live in Britain or Europe, you may just be able to see the Red Planet vanish behind the Crescent Moon an hour or so after sunset Wednesday evening.

Technically, this is called a "Mars Occultation", something which happens only about once in a calendar year.

This Mars Occultation is special astrologically because it coincides with a very critical "T-Square" configuration involving Mercury/Uranus/Pluto.

On Wednesday global crises reach the boiling point when Uranus and Pluto are in an exact 90-degree square angle to each other. Uranus or Ouranus is the ancient God of the Heavens and Pluto/Hades is the Classical God of the Underworld. And they are now in conflict at right angles to each other.

They have been moving into and out of this square aspect for months, and will continue to do so. The result is turmoil on all levels. Earthquakes, political and financial tremors, and even rumblings in your own personal life. The feverish rioting and bloodshed in the Mideast and the equally turbulent turmoil on global financial and economic markets are expressions of the clash of these two Gods.

And Mercury (conscious mental capacity) moves into the equation by going square to Pluto (death and transfiguration) and opposite to Uranus (change for the sake of change). 

Everything is in turmoil in a historic configuration which astrologers have been buzzing about for months. Remember that the mighty oak breaks in high wind, while flexible bamboo only bends. Stay flexible!

ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD offers help by joining forces with Mars the Warrior God. They become one entity, enabling Antinous to don his warrior's helmet and give you strength to face the upheavals all around you.

Remember that Mars has two moons, Deimos and Phobos. They are the sons of Mars.

Remember the image of Antinous/Mars harnessing his sons Phobos and Deimos (Panic and Terror) as his warhorses to lead his chariot into battle -- Fear converted to Fortitude.

That is what the SACRED BAND OF THEBES did, the fabled Army of Lovers. By harnessing Fear, half the battle was already won.

Don't repress or ignore Fear and Anger. Instead, welcome them. Put them on and arm yourself with them as your shield and buckler. Harness them as your warhorses who lead you to victory just as Phobos and Deimos lead Mars to victory.

As Sacred Synchronicity would have it, Flamen Antonyus Subia just raised this subject during a discussion of rage issues in our ANTINOUS ONLINE FORUM. Several people wanted to know "what to do" about anger and asked which is stronger: love or anger.

Antonyus said both are strong, but he warned that it is unwise to ignore or suppress fear and rage. Recently home from Rome, where he saw many Sacred Sites and Sacred Statues of Antinous, Flamen Antonyus explained what he means this way:

This is my point more than anything:
The reason Mars (who represents rage personified)
is so invincible was because he keeps Fear and Terror as his constant companions,
they represent his own fear and terror,
which he uses as a shield and a weapon

I think of Strength as something that comes from exposure to adversity,
horror, disappointment...our ability to overcome the darkside.

Love is far more powerful than hatred, sorrow, fear or death,
But that doesn't nessesarily mean that Love is Stronger,
Love is fragile, delicate and weak...like a flower, crushed easily,
instantly converted into desperation, jelousy, shame, anxiety, disgust, violent rage.
Love can be constant and everlasting, but it has a tendency towards fickle-heartedness,
Nevertheless I still feel that Love has no strength of his own,
but relies instead upon the strength of the emotion he stirs.

Antinous stirs all kinds of emotions,
not all of them lovely and serene,
At the moment I am fascinated by the chilling darkness behind his eyes,
not the glittering stars or the halos of pretty pink flowers,
but the vast distant of a million miles and a million years
that you feel while standing right by his side
...gazing right into his cold marble eyes.
I have never stood so close and yet so very far away from him.
And now that I have beheld him with my own eyes (especially the Farnese)
I can see HIM in my mind-soul with a new level of clarity
...a vivid realness
compared to which the statues are cold, dead, lifeless marble.
I find this very disturbing.


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