Friday, August 24, 2012



TONIGHT Antinous the Moon God is in his first quarter in the lofty sign of Sagittarius, the sign of travellers, voyagers, pilgrims and those who embark on Gay Spiritual Quests.

In Antinous Moon Magic, each lunar phase represents a spiritual archetype. We call this First Quarter Sagittarius Moon the EQUESTRIAN MOON.

The Equestrian Moon is the best night of the year for blessings involving travel. 

Bless your faithful car, bike, boat -- or your beloved horse! 

This is the day to meditate or do a ritual involving a house move, change of jobs or relocation. 

On a deeper level, this lunar phase speaks of your spiritual movement, astral travel and astral projection -- this Moon says: "Try it, you can do it!" 

Here's a lovely depiction of the Equestrian Moon symbolism from Italian artist Giorgio Tavaglione's L'ORACOLO DELLA SIBILLA oracle cards.

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