Thursday, August 30, 2012

Antinous Astrology Forecast

AUG. 30 to SEPT. 9, 2012

THURSDAY August 30th 2012

On Thursday, the Sun makes its annual health check-up by going opposite to CHIRON THE HEALER. Because the Sun is in Virgo, health issues are underscored during this aspect. Chiron has been in a beneficent trine to Pluto for weeks. This obscure asteroid plays only a peripheral role in most daily astrology forecasts. But this strong aspect to Pluto the transformer — an aspect which will last for nearly half a year — means that Chiron becomes a major player this year.

FRIDAY August 31st 2012

On Friday, the most spiritual Full Moon of the year occurs. The PISCES FULL MOON is the lunar phase which pits spirituality (Pisces Moon) against duty and obligation (Virgo Sun) to bring out the best qualities in both. Because this is the second ful moon of August at the end of summer, in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this the HOMOTHEOSIS MOON. Flamen Antonyus Subia will be celebrating special Moon Magic rites tonight during his Sacred Pilgrimage to Rome.

SATURDAY September 1st 2012

On Saturday, Mercury leaves lively Leo and enters health-minded Virgo, putting even more emphasis on health-care issues (see Thursday). Such issues will emerge as a major issue in the US presidential campaign this week. The coming month or so will be a great time for health and beauty make-overs and check-ups.

SUNDAY September 2nd 2012

On Sunday, you will be in store for an unexpected vision quest when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD aligns with surprise-filled Uranus and both are in a tight, 90-degree square angle to tranformation-minded Pluto. You can forget your planned itinerary for the day — instead just go forth and let serendipity lead the way!

MONDAY September 3rd 2012

On Monday, a powerful week is heralded by a square between Venus and Saturn and a propitious sextile between Mars and Pluto. Self-assertion and self-determination are energized by these power-filled aspects. You set ambitious goals and you are prepared to go after them and achieve them.

TUESDAY September 4th 2012

On Tuesday, profound insights are guaranteed when Mercury forms a trine with Pluto. However, a precondition for "seeing" these profound insights is finding a bit of peace and quiet on this fairly tense day so that you can focus on what Mercury/Pluto have to say to you. Find and follow your "inner compass" and don't allow yourself to be distracted by others who insist they know better than you do what course to take.

WEDNESDAY September 5th 2012

On Wednesday, this week of powerful self-assertion gets yet another boost when Mercury and Mars form a positive sextile. This is the perfect day for tooting your own horn and getting your personal message out there for the world to see.

THURSDAY September 6th 2012

On Thursday, Venus enters Leo to permit you to be more assertive and upbeat in your relationships during the coming month. But you may not feel very self-assertive on Thursday when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD goes VOID OF COURSE (VOC) for more than 30 hours in the Americas and Europe! Think of ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD as your favorite rock or pop star giving a concert. The VOC MOON is the break between sets. The singer goes back stage for a costume change and psychs themselves up for the next set. Meanwhile, the audience is waiting impatiently out front while video projections and doo-wah girls fill the interlude. That's what a VOID OF COURSE MOON feels like. Nothing much will happen during this VOC period. Nothing very bad will happen.

FRIDAY September 7th 2012

On Friday, you awake refreshed from that long VOC MOON and veritably leap out of bed. But the by-word for Friday and indeed the whole weekend is to look before you leap! That's because the Sun forms a 90-degree right angle to exuberant Jupiter on Friday which encourages people to act or react without thinking of the consequences. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and can be lots of fun. But it can be very dangerous on the road — where pressing the pedal to the metal can be ill-advised.

SATURDAY September 8th 2012

On Saturday, the reckless mood of impetuosity and impulsiveness soars to new heights when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD squares off against the Sun and Mercury but then aligns in conjunction with exaggeration-prone Jupiter. The good news is that this is a great weekend to go partying. The bad news is that the roads will be filled with drivers who are taking unnecessary risks.

SUNDAY September 9th 2012

On Sunday, this reckless and impetuous weekend reaches a climax when Mercury forms a square to Jupiter and ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is in a trine to stubborn Saturn and dreamy Neptune. It will be hard to keep your mind on serious things (like watching the road when driving) and you will want to chatter and gossip. This is the classic textbook astrological recipe for an accident caused by someone updating their Facebook status while driving.


Another exciting week lies ahead between September 10th and 16th when Mercury leaves me-firsty Leo and enters duty-minded Virgo, ushering a month devoted to health and work issues. More details next time ....

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